Odoo Shopee Integration: A Simple Method To Boost Your Business Growth


Integrating the multi dimensional platforms of a business benefits the company in various aspects. That too, when it comes to eCommerce business, integration plays a vital role from streamlining the business to automating the most common processes. Speaking about the eCommerce business, Shopee is one of the top leading eCommerce development platforms where millions of users are actively using in their daily life. Millions of business users benefit their eCommerce business using Shopee as their desired platform. On the other hand, Odoo is one of the top ERP systems with a huge growth rate in the ERP market due to its open-source nature and customization availability.

What if both these top platforms, Shopee and Odoo get integrated together? 

The overall control of the business can be attained at ease which results in better management and high productive rate at less time and cost indulgence.

Why do online businesses need Odoo integration?

  • An all-in-one solution with multiple functionalities 

Manage all the business orders, products, categories, customers, and other related business information using Odoo ERP as the backend system.

  • Multiple third-party features

Odoo can be integrated with multiple third-party applications which benefits the user’s eCommerce business more efficiently.

  • Multi Store Management

Using the single Odoo ERP system, multiple eCommerce stores of a business can be equally managed and profited from a single place. 


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Do you know! By the year 2021, worldwide retail ecommerce sales will reach $4.9 trillion. Shopee is used by more than 200 million users whereas Odoo is used by 5 million users.

It’s your time to boost your online sales using Odoo Shopee Integration!

Odoo Shopee Integration 

Odoo Shopee Integration  is nothing but providing a customized API and additional integrations between the eCommerce and ERP platforms for better business growth. A bidirectional synchronization will be processed and maintained within the Odoo Shopee Connector through which the data will be transferred between both Odoo and Shopee systems.

The following are the data synchronization processes required in Odoo Shopee Integration.

  • Product details in the Shopee e-commerce website should be updated in the Odoo ERP system. i.e. if any changes made in the product details, it should be updated in the backend Odoo ERP system.
  • Sale orders placed by the customers in the Shopee e-commerce website should be synchronized to the Odoo ERP system. Sale order details also include the data of customers and their orders even if it is cancelled. Once the customer orders a product, it will be updated in the backend Odoo ERP system.
  • Transactions made in the Shopee online store and their respective details such as preferred payment gateway or other mode of transaction should be synchronized in the Odoo ERP system. Further, individual transactions of a particular order such as logistics information, transaction, payment fee, etc., should be recorded individually.
  • Product quantity present in their inventory (Here, the backend Odoo ERP system acts as the inventory warehouse) should be synchronized with the Shopee online store in order to comprehend both the customers and staff.

As discussed earlier, Shopee Odoo integration services is a bidirectional data transfer system i.e, the above mentioned first three processes are for data transactions from Shopee to Odoo ERP system. Whereas, the final process requires data transaction from Odoo ERP to Shopee.

The above requirements are processed successfully by means of developing a scheduler functionality using API integration. The scheduler functionality works by means of various buttons corresponding with its respective functionalities with respect to the API integration. The scheduler functionality automatically processes the synchronization activities which can be configured based on the customer preferences. Usually, the data synchronization process takes place every 5 minutes. The entire data gets updated from both Odoo and Shopee simultaneously. Also, whenever a change occurs in stock management such as incoming or outgoing shipment, the quantity will be updated in Shopee by means of Odoo as its backend ERP system. Thus, the real-time stock management can be easily achieved. Also through the Shopee Odoo Connector, the user can also manually synchronize the data by selecting the respective functionality buttons provided.

Interested in automating your online store with simple Odoo services?

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Benefits of Odoo Shopee Connector

Integrations with multi dimensional systems and applications helps a business in overcoming their pain points with simple solutions. The following are the benefits of Shopee Odoo Connector.

  • It‘s extremely modular! Availability of Odoo modules in Odoo apps stores helps a business to experience only the solutions instead of buying the whole in a pack.
  • Better results with advanced customizations. Odoo is known for its open-source nature. Hence, it can be completely customized based on the business requirements.
  • Advanced business solutions with updated features. By using the Odoo Shopee Connector, the users online business can experience the up-to-date features available in the market.
  • Efficient business management system with synchronized data and inventory system.
  • Ensuring the multi-channel experience to the customers in order to increase the sales growth by promoting the special offers in various channels which further enables us in cost cutting.
  • Apart from all these benefits, Shopee Odoo Connector allows you to manage and have a better control of your business thus increasing the productivity and customer satisfaction.

By 2040, around 95% of all purchases are expected to be via ecommerce. Be one among them the eCommerce retailers. At present, it is the perfect time to move your business to online and experience the sales growth multiple times. PPTS India Pvt Ltd., as an advanced technological solutions provider and Official Odoo Gold Partner in India, USA and France helps in establishing your online eCommerce store more profoundly.  

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