Odoo ERP Support – Experience Our Odoo Gold Partner Support & Services


The footprints of technological advancements and globalization has literally changed the game for business. In our current upgraded markets, companies have started to widen their business reach and increased their scale across geographies which results in multiple challenging operations. In order to manage the advanced business operations, ERP implementation has become substantial. And when it comes to managing a business with ERP, both functional and technical support is inevitable.

In this digitally transformed modern business era, Odoo ERP plays a massive role in the ERP market with its fast growth rate. Companies have started to opt with Odoo since it is open-source in nature which can be customized based on their unique business needs. In order to manage these digitized businesses and their challenging operations, an efficient team who can understand both technical and functional aspects is essential to ensure 24/7 support and security. 


PPTS India Pvt Ltd., as an official Odoo Gold Partner renders expert Odoo support services which not only helps in overcoming the business complications but also in preventing additional complexities. Our highly proficient Odoo functional and technical consultants analyse and monitor your business initially. In case of any flaws in the business flow, our support team provides the required solutions to it instantly. Further, they analyse the underlying cause for it and render the precautionary solutions to overcome it.

Our Types of Odoo ERP Support :


  • Dedicated Odoo Support
  • Shared Odoo Support
  • POC Odoo ERP Support
  • Direct Presence Odoo ERP Support

Why PPTS as your Odoo ERP Support & Maintenance Partner?

The following are the advantages of our Odoo ERP support.

  • Official Odoo Gold Partner in the USA, France, and India with more than 220 global clients
  • Proficient working and support team with wide range of knowledge in various Odoo frameworks
  • Provision of both Odoo functional support and Odoo technical support with respective teams for both Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise editions.
  • Provision of highly qualified administration support and quality server maintenance
  • High quality deliverables with cost-effective maintenance and support service
  1. What is Odoo Support?

    Odoo support services help in the configuration, monitoring, analyzing, and solving the issues that arise in the implemented Odoo work environment. It comprises two different support systems namely; Odoo functional and Odoo technical support.

  2. What is Odoo Functional Support?

    Odoo functional support helps in analysing the Odoo functionalities with regards to its configuration and support with the business needs.

  3. What is Odoo Technical Support?

    Odoo technical support render their support in analyzing the technical issues that has arised and provide the required solutions by altering the coding processes.

  4. Why choose PPTS for your Odoo Support Services?

    Official Odoo Gold Partner
    Proficient work team
    Four different types of support
    Support for both Odoo community and enterprise editions
    High- quality and cost effective deliverables

  5. Benefits Of Choosing Odoo Gold Partner for Odoo Support Services?

    Certified developing team can assist your business requirements 
    Professional support and services
    Ability to support at the optimum level
    Quality deliverables and support with regards to predefined deadlines