Top 5 Major Factors to Consider Before Odoo Version Upgradation Process


Updating is definitely an inevitable part of any business both in terms of operations and all the equipment used.This mostly depends upon the actual aspects with which a company functions and the needed requirement. Considering the equipment and all the machinery involved in the same and it’s purchase, will be a bad move and would cost the company more. However,if this involves any advancements in the overall productivity it’s a matter to be considered.

In the basic scenario of software and applications, the providers and the main company would be aiming to release a new version of it according to their various capabilities. 

A user will have to consider various aspects such as :

  1. Cost
  2. Efficiency Improvement
  3. New Features
  4. Operations
  5. Beneficiary of the New Version

All this in comparison to the older one. Additionally, it is very important to note this:

There are certain applications that cannot function without updation and it’s inevitable among them.

Odoo is one of those ERP which releases new updates regularly and new versions every year. More than a business management solution Odoo ERP is considered as the compare tool to run the company. The modular approach and design that makes the software and its users capable to mainly run the company operations on all its levels and operations using the designated application-specific modules is necessary. 

In addition, the many centralized approach of its operations in the platform along with all the central database and the overall inventory operations would surely make it way more efficiently capable and very user friendly in controlling the entire business operation along with the proper information exchange and sufficient communication. It is necessary to remember that:

 Odoo is a complete business management enterprise and an overall resource planning software which is very much advanced and is apt for the new generation with all its capabilities. 

Odoo platform brings in additional capabilities with possibilities such as Odoo Migration, implementation, its integration, customization and so much more. All aimed at the ability to run third-party applications and its devices with the various platform operations. 

Odoo is a business management software that provides so many new features as well as Odoo version upgrades as it is consistently releasing the new version of the platform for all its potential buyers. Recently at the last virtual event of the 2020 Odoo Experience, the company successfully released the new Odoo 14 upgrade and allowed it’s existing users to migrate/upgrade to Odoo 14

As the platform releases new versions and updates on a frequent basis, it will become mandatory for the existing users to upgrade to the latest versions for better benefits.. The migration in Odoo can be ideally defined mainly in three aspects. 

  1. Migration of the platform
  2. Conjoined addons being used
  3. Migration of the data

The platforms that should be updated and all the applications that are used to be ideally configured as per the previous operations and all  functional aspects. Secondly, the data that is viable should be effectively made configurable for all the new versions as the users need as they might be needing them in the company operations for the near future. The data as well as all the tables and its pertaining graphs available should be properly configured as per the new specifications of the existing platform released by Odoo.

But why look toward Odoo data migration in the first place?

Here are some of the very essential aspects/reasons which you should ideally be considering before you begin indulging in any Odoo migration or Odoo version upgrade .

Initially, your business needs to be completely clear as to why it seeks to migrate in the first place. 

On that account, here is primarily why:

The main aspects will be the performance and the new features and capabilities the software update will bring in. 

Although migration will bring in so many new features and capabilities, some of them primary aspects will also be removed if the upgrade gets outdated. Moreover, the removal of certain apps will disrupt the company operations on the whole as it won’t be supported with which you are mainly familiar with, creating a possible hiccup in the operational process. 

The cost is essentially a vital aspect when considering Odoo migration services and it should be thoroughly consulted with all the various options provided. Moreover, the downtime of the entire business operations along with the duration of the migration would directly affect or impact the company functioning as the overall software update will then provide no room for using or implementing it in a live environment. 

PPTS provides Odoo migration services which will allow your business to benefit from the best and advanced features offered by Odoo, making it a game changer for businesses that are looking to excel in their field.

If you are looking for exceptional features and performance boosters for your existing system, consider Upgrading to Odoo 14.  Any thoughts to share , Let us know in comments. 

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