Top 5 Reasons to Integrate Your E-commerce Application with Odoo ERP


The actual share of the overall global retail sales is generated via e-commerce witnesses and is said to steadily rise year over year. But thanks to COVID-19, the wake of the 2020 digital commerce market saw several new business entrants that also included the brick and mortar purists who were consistently hostile towards investing in modernization. 

Looking closely into the current scenario, we can be fully assured that the overall surge in the stats of online shopping activity will not be taking a back seat even post the economic crisis. The increasing convenience that is offered by all the digital channels will surely lure its customers to make much more purchases online. So whether it is the daily necessities, medical supplies, any precious gadget, or other needed seasonal goods, it will all be a following affair.

As of the previous year, there are close to around 2 bn digital buyers that exist in the world, which is approximately 25% of the total global population. This is all the more reason for businesses to begin integrating ecommerce into their business models. 

According to a recent study, it is said that,

 20 years down the line, 95% of all purchases are expected to be via e-commerce.

Imagine how the vast online buying population can go on to create demanding access to almost all the specifics and details. This includes relevant order histories, incurring past invoices, the various product comparisons, star product ratings, overall reviews, product descriptions, existing warranty, usage, and so more such data! 

But the big million question remains: 

Is your e-business equipped to handle this drastic change?

Any business of any specific size can be as ambitious as it should be in growing its online presence. However, it should tap the right technology, and almost any e-commerce business that it will want to deliver exceptional customer service to. This will mean that it requires powerful integration with an ERP system. 

Here we have a look at the five advantages of effectively integrating your e-commerce application/business with Odoo, which is one of the popular open-source ERP software loved by several leading brands. Not only can you enjoy an effortless ecommerce integration, Odoo also allows you to focus on other important aspects such as shipping integration, social media integration, sms gateway integration,and so much more! Here are the reasons if you are still not convinced!

  1. A complete package with multiple functionalities: Odoo ERP is a wholesome package that is fully packed with the principal solutions that are needed to manage a business including its sales, CRM, and project management along with its financial management, inventory and the actuals of its warehouse management, product manufacturing, the complete logistics, HR, and so much more. With 1000+ modules that are readily available both on the cloud and on-existing premises, all the Odoo integration offered within are part of the complete software system.
  2. Flexible payment options: When it actually comes down to adopting a clear digital payment option, the overall convenience of the customer comes first. It’s very essential to fully adopt the payment type that can mainly be preferable both to them as well as in being fully compatible with your system. Integrating this Odoo ERP into your existing e-commerce application can majorly help you gain flexibility with the pre-existing payment method. It can also allow you to integrate payment gateways such as PayPal, Buckaroo, Ogone, Stipe, etc. You can even customize payment through modules that are suitable for your store. 
  3. Shipping integration: Odoo ERP can be fully integrated with several top third-party shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and so much more through the APIs. Odoo e-commerce module will also allow you to use the add-on connectors that can greatly help you to manage your shipping activities as well as to track your orders from the ERP itself. This can also enable the real-time tracking of all the existing real time data and the overall order fulfilment.
  4. Realizes faster ROI and profitability: It is crucial to keep in mind that getting faster returns is the main key pain point of any business that’s out there. Odoo ERP- eCommerce integration will also help you realize that a faster ROI and profitability is due to it performing a very precise analysis of your recommended sales and inventory via all the reports and automatic stock adjustments. These ERP processes allow you to stay organized with the updated customer information by efficiently tracking orders as well as claims. Besides this, your customers can then view or even download their preferred invoices as well as in tracking order status, any pending shipments, as well as deliveries.

As technology advances, the need to simplify these customer experiences also moves upward to the next level. Implementing a smarter business process and efficient management solution while also keeping your investments to the bare minimum will mainly require you to bank on the safe shores of the open-source ERP like Odoo. With its overly powerful inventory and sales management features that are so much easy to integrate in terms of its modules, Odoo also makes the best contender when it comes to small and medium businesses that look to scale up in the e-commerce space.

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