Unveiling Odoo 14 – What is in the Odoo 14 Release Notes?


It is known that Odoo comes with an enhanced version of its business automation software every October. This year, however, Odooers were all glued to their seats in anticipation of what was to come. 

Earlier this year, Odoo did announce that they have some major features, improvements, and upgrades to add to the platform. Grabbing everybody’s attention, Odoo V14 is just the kind of software that businesses need to find themselves investing in or if an existing client, then needs to be upgraded to. 

But here’s why!

According to the latest release notes from the Odoo, Odoo 14 is sure to elevate businesses that rely on ERP software solutions. Focusing on improving the current version, The Odoo 14 features a lot more sophisticated changes that businesses will need to amp up their presence in the market. Here are a few:

Usability upgrades

There is no doubt that the functionality has been revamped with the new Odoo 14 features. The areas of UI and UX have seen significant changes that are sure to overtake their competitors. These include the addition of new widgets that allows quick access to the most frequently used options. There is also an inclusion of shortcuts for SMS, and emails in the CRM module. Plus, form customizations should become hassle-free with this upgrade.

Improved documents

With purchase orders being the most complex by far, Odoo has decided to pay special attention to this part of the business with this upgrade. Now PO documents can be redesigned and improved. Not only that, business owners using Odoo 14 can compute one-time delivery rates, send automated emails with acknowledgments, and receive a confirmation for the same. 


Inventory and manufacturing modules

Now all your inventory and manufacturing modules can have availability dates on products and supplies. Also, users can now check their stock levels and restock up on new or recurring supplies. 

To heighten it, Odoo also automates the process that determines what needs to be ordered. 


Rebuilt Website builder

The Odoo 14 features as per the 0doo 14 roadmaps mark a stellar experience to users who intend to build a business out of their website. This particular version has promised functionality that can stand as a contender with the industry’s bests like WordPress and Square Space. Now building a website can be effortless with improved building blocks like popups, countdowns, charts, and a dynamic product catalog. 


Outlook and Gmail plugins

There is a sure announcement about new Gmail and outlook plugins. These plugins help you to send information between clients and simplify the process. It also records all these data without fail.

In addition to the above features, Odoo 14 is looking at bringing in the following features:

  • New modules to manage commissions and referrals
  • Improved Module, that allows scanning, splitting, and archiving of documents
  • Detailed Smart warnings
  • Changes in the overall framework to improve performance

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  1. What is New in Odoo 14?

    Some of the significant changes in the Odoo 14 features include Shortcuts for email, SMS, and snooze in the CRM module.

  2. Is Odoo 14 is  Beneficial for developers?

    The latest features added to Odoo 14 helps businesses manage their businesses with ease. With added customization, Odoo 14 is promising to both users as well as developers to explore the upcoming opportunities.

  3. When is the Odoo 14 Release Date?

    The Odoo 14 release date is set to be in October 2020, with a 2-day event taking place called the Odoo Experience 2020.