Why choose PPTS as your Odoo ERP Migration Partner?


Choosing to adopt an ERP system such as the Odoo ERP is the primary step that is aimed towards accomplishing trade and towards keeping up with the energetic market demand. 

Of all the possibilities through Odoo to help grow your business, why pick migration?

The answer is simple.

Migration is actually a really good solution for businesses because it is a positive sign that your business is steadily growing. The reasons for the migration process might vary from one business to another. 

Yet the whole process from the entire planning of the migration to its successful execution is not an easy task. But, all things considered, the Odoo upgrade makes your system so much more powerful without losing any of your existing data or information. 

So if you are looking to enjoy all the benefits of upgrading to a higher version of Odoo then migrating should definitely be on the table.

Here are all the migration options that are available. They include:

  • Version Migration

Implement the upgraded features of Odoo in your business work system by experiencing our Odoo version migration services. In odoo, there will be a script to migrate the default module and data from one version to another version.

Studies indicate the users who fail to upgrade to newer versions, do not incline to do so mainly because of the following terms:

The user has no compelling reason to go through the time and cost to upgrade. 

But that isn’t the case with Odoo’s higher versions which ensures better features that customizations options that greatly benefits any budding business

  • Module migration

Module migration (also known as Code migration) is a vital process of custom module making that can be the perfect fit for your current as well as the latest Odoo Version.

  • Database Migration

If you want to migrate from the current Odoo version to the latest one or the upgraded one then you need to migrate your current database to the selected version.

Two very crucial stats on database accuracy and dependence are:

94% of businesses suspect that their customer and prospect data is inaccurate and nearly 67% of businesses rely on CRM data to segment and target customers.

That’s a whopping count for businesses to heavily rely on their database and still not choose to upgrade. This could probably be due to the fact of losing the existing data. 

However, that isn’t the case with Odoo as the database is securely kept on the pilot page and migration ensures that the data is either stored on the cloud or a local device, ensuring 0% loss and 100% security! 

Knowing what all is possible, we would highly recommend that you understand the importance of choosing the right partner. The right Odoo partner will be able to assure an optimal implementation taking into consideration all its aspects.

The key areas to keep in mind while making a decision is to look into these factors that will help: 

  • zero down time
  • Credibility
  • Experience
  • History
  • Expertise
  • Success rate
  • Services offered
  • Cost 
  • Training and support

Not only will analysing these areas save a lot of time and money but will will surely help you with various essential points throughout the migration process that includes but is not limited to the consultancy, the overall requirement analysis, the impending ROI Analysis, customization factors, followed by the deployment as well as the configuration of the required business applications. Not to forget the crucial stage which includes the post-go-live support that ensures you’re properly using the new environment.

Having said all that, the question is “Why choose an Official Gold Partner for Odoo migration?

Being an Official Odoo Gold Partner allows the firm to get technical and functional training from the people who work behind odoo. 

Knowing what your business needs and the possible outcomes when using Odoo, the perfect partner who holds the badge of being an official Odoo partner can pick your business, thus creating an ecosystem that builds the knowledge base of both the client and their team. 

With experts on the partner’s side, they provide business solutions that help businesses to go through their calculated revenue. 

PPTS India Pvt Ltd., has extensive experience and expertise in upgrading Odoo from different versions.

Being an Odoo Migration service provider, along with the help of our proficient Odoo Functional and Technical Consultants assist our customers and their business in performing major migrations like from Odoo v9 to v13, along with the customized Odoo modules to the latest and desired Odoo versions available. We handle the end-to-end migration process with the utmost care, promising a highly secured data transfer system. 

Every migration project we undertake syncs with a pre-defined roadmap, and the unique needs and requirements, that helps us deliver quickly adhering to the deadlines. Our techniques are hands-on and proven, ensuring complete data security.

We take pride in being an Official Odoo Gold partner with a vision of greatly expanding our strategic alliance with our long list of customers to fully offer them high-value-added, feasible and trustworthy solutions!      

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