Here is everything that’s covered with a higher Odoo Version Upgrade!

upgrade to odoo14

Odoo has gone out and about in coming up with new and advanced features with each and every version upgrade. It has taken to consider all the previous concerns and needed improvements that will help its users to level up from their existing versions. 

But why even consider upgrading when the current version has it all?

Because Odoo isn’t done yet. There is always scope for change and betterment. The team is focused on putting the best on the table in terms of these criteria:

  • Pricing
  • Usability
  • Scalability
  • Applicability
  • Advantages

The latest version which is the Odoo 14 version has everything that its users have wanted but there is so much more to offer. Yet those using version 13 have nothing to be disappointed about. Here is everything that they are enjoying so far: 

Everything from the features to it’s improvised functionality has been covered in the Odoo V13 release note. 

Apart from these,

  1. A major part of e-learning has been open-sourced, all Odoo themes contain a loyalty system as well as a scoring support 
  2. Payroll has seen a shift from community to enterprise. Most of the new features are found in the enterprise version itself though. This incorporates mass SMS, map views, referral, planning, consolidation and so on.
  3. A big part of the ORM refactoring has been done.

Yet Odoo users are still looking for some major changes and upgrades to take place with each new upgrade.  Well, Thats why, you need to upgrade to Odoo 14 – the latest version of Odoo. But keep in mind these factors before you do so

Each year, in the Odoo Experience Event, Odoo launches a new and improved version for it’s users to migrate to. Now we are all eagerly waiting for Odoo 15 release , lets discover expected  features in Odoo 15. 

Every new version with add-on functionalities and special changes that are being offered are aimed towards the improved modules in order for them to enjoy all the latest options available. 

Now, if you are already using Community and enjoying limited features, it’s time for you to migrate to Enterprise Edition. Discover Why! 

With that, here’s something to keep in mind:

 Not all functions and customization’s are supported with prior versions, making upgradation a serious matter to think about by businesses. 

Those that are just starting out will find a fully customizable pack a huge win whereas businesses that have already been in the field will look towards better deals to jump on to. 

That’s why Odoo provides solutions that are able to meet diverse needs!

There is something for every user and every business. This includes everything in the areas of:

  • Accounting
  • Activities
  • Approvals and Appraisals
  • CRM
  • Documents
  • Ecommerce
  • eLearning
  • Events
  • Helpdesk
  • Sales 

These are just a gist of everything that the Odoo 13 has had to offer its users. 

The Odoo team has actually introduced a new and dedicated app in Odoo 14 that aims to avoid the possibility of clutter in a cloud-based software system. 

An application titled New Data Cleaning is actually a dedicated brand with all the newly founded concepts when compared to Odoo 13. 

The new Odoo 14 version is definitely sure to improve operational speed when compared to Odoo 13. 

Odoo 14 will definitely help you save the memory of your computer as well as the cloud memory. 

Odoo 13 did not mainly have any flagging feature or specific option intended to mark duplication of the existing documents or the clutter of all the available unnecessary documents. 

There is just so much that they have been missing out on in terms of website user-friendliness! 

Some prominent ones that Odoo 13 has failed to offer and include are:

  • Countdown snippet
  • Auto popup widget
  • Masonry snippet

So why should any user upgrade to the latest version when the current version seems to serve the purpose and meet their business needs?

This is because, the higher the upgrade, the better the customization option. 

There is never a need to look back, wishing you hadn’t done so! 

Here are a few key areas to showcase about the Odoo 14 upgrade that Odoo 13 lacks. So if your business is still yet to migrate, you might want to give this a shot:

  • The difference in the document module
  • Difference between the purchase module
  • The difference between Forecast management

Odoo 14 has finally introduced a new tab Generate Leads option under the CRM module. This permits the user to actually generate leads, including all the details like country, state, the size of the industry and various other aspects. Odoo 13 allows only customer details and expected revenue.

Odoo 14 has given a more precise thrust towards clean and easy to grasp views for user dashboards. Instead of the clumsy and long listing features of requests for quotation in Odoo 13, Odoo 14 actually offers a perfect view with details of mainly the requests to be sent, waiting, and late. It also gives a clear cut picture of the order deadline.

How does this feature improvement help, you ask? This can greatly improve the operations of your firm!

Yet another add on feature that is new to Odoo 14 is to Ask for Confirmation. 

While Odoo 13 generally lacks the scope for any confirmation from vendors or retailers, Odoo 14 is aimed to offer this feature to ideally improve any small business. Compared to all the previous versions, a key and crucial advantage of Odoo 14 is the clear replenishment option. 

The tab helps to ideally get stock of all the products on hand and then forecast the preferred products easily. It also aims to permit the set of reordering rules to then carry out the replenishment activity smoothly in a scientific way.

Odoo 14 has introduced a new and improved smiley widget to make communication more informal and interactive. 

Odoo 13 lacked in the animated features option for communication. Odoo 14 comes with smarter date picking options. With a single and specialized click, any variation is possible on the date setting features. 

This turns out to be so much more useful for manufacturing purchase and all the documentation options. 

Unlike Odoo 13, Odoo 14 comes with an Expense Dashboard that specifically offers a clear picture in terms of the expense report.

 It can list over 15+ advanced details, including all the salient taxes bill references and the currency details. 

On the other hand, Odoo 13 contains the expense dashboard, the complete titled My Expenses and so much more!

With all this information, your business might want to give Odoo upgradation a thought in case your business has yet to upgrade to a higher version. 

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