5 Factors to Check Before Selecting your Mobile App Development Company


Over the last decade, there has been a significant rise in the smartphone industry. More than 80% of the world’s population use smartphones in their day-to-day life. But the question is, ‘What make these finger-friendly devices smart enough?’

If you thought about its applications, then you are right. The customized mobile applications which we develop based on your needs empowers these devices to be smart enough to rule our daily life. Especially business applications have started to grow more than 16% of their normal rate. Thus, a huge investment has been made in the mobile app development sector since these smartphone applications are considered to be the game changers for businesses in the current market.


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So, you are having a perfect idea of developing a mobile application to enhance your business and entering into the market for development. The first and foremost question that pops up your mind is,

Which mobile app development company to opt for developing your dream idea into a mobile app/widget?’

Do you know!

In this technological era, on average, every day around 4500 mobile applications are launched in the play store and around 5 million apps are available for download.


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The mobile application development sector started to grow at a rapid pace, that too in various multi-platforms. Most commonly, people spend most of their valuable time – 87% to be more precise – on mobile applications making the application development sector a must of businesses.

Confused with selecting the right partner?


feeling confused to select the right platform for your desired mobile application development?

We are here to help you!

So, how to select the right Mobile Application Development Company to partner with?

The following are the five major factors to be considered before hiring a Mobile Application Development Company.

  1. Market Experience

The market experience is one of the main criteria to be considered while researching for a mobile application development company. Market experience includes the number of years the company has been in the development, number of mobile applications the company has developed, their downloads and reviews in the play store, number of teams and developers available in case if the project is provided to them for development.

  1. Global Presence

The Global Presence of the selected mobile application development company matters when it comes to local and offshore development support. If the selected company consists of its presence worldwide, it is considered to be a well-reputed and recognized company for the development process. Also, verify the size of the company such as the number of teams, developers, testers, and their working environment which can provide the vision of future development.

  1. Available Mobile Development Platforms

When it comes to mobile application development, there are different platforms available in the current market – Android, iOS, Native, Hybrid, and Cross-platforms. To be precise with the decision-making, you have to decide the target audience of your business application.

In case, if the target audiences most commonly use android devices, it is better to build your desired application in the Android platform. Similarly, when it comes to Apple products, iOS is the preferred option.

Based on the business size, the mobile application can also be developed either in the Native platform or in the Hybrid platform. If the business is small-sized, it is better to opt with the Hybrid platform which is known for its portability. For medium and large-sized businesses, it is always advised to go with the Native application development platform which is known for its better performance and expressive UI.

Confused which platform will be apt for your desired mobile application?

  1. Hiring model – Team, Time, Quality, Budget

When you are satisfied with the information reports about the developing company, its global presence, and the platform you are about to develop the application, it’s not time to look for the best hiring model.

There are different hiring models available in the market, namely; Fixed-price model, the Dedicated-hiring model, and the Time & material model. Based on the business needs, any one of the hiring models can be selected in order to develop the desired mobile application. Every hiring model consists of its unique proposal. For example, in the fixed-price model, the user has to define the project scope, requirements, and deadline. Finally, the company will provide a fixed-price for the proposal.

Thus the hiring model proposes the number of developers allocated for the development process, timeline, and respective budget.

  1. Support and Maintenance

Last but not the least, the support and maintenance of the developed mobile application are important when it comes to real-time implementation. The selected development company must provide the required support and maintenance for the developed application without any extra charge.

On the other hand, when we consider the advantages of a mobile application, it not only increases the growth of your business, but also helps in securing a strong online brand presence in the market. Further, it helps in better customer management and other social platforms associated with your business.

Thus, selecting the right and expert mobile application development partner is the first and foremost significant factor to be considered for developing your business application. Speaking about the experts, PPTS as an advanced technological solution provider for more than 19 years, renders its eminent services in mobile application development based on the business requirements at a cost-effective yet effective hiring model. We are happy to develop your desired application to elevate your business to the next level.