Top 5 Reasons You Need to Know About Odoo ERP in India


Over the past decade, the Indian market is considered to be one of the fastest-growing major economic countries with its growth five times larger comparing by its nominal GDP. During the 20th century, large-sized Indian companies were mostly dependent on individual platforms and applications to streamline their individual business functionalities such as CRM, Accounting software, HRM, etc. There wasn’t any single integrated platform to plan the resources independently.

Along with these major advancements, in order to compete with the pace of the market growth, companies – despite sizes, small or medium – started to implement an integrated ERP working system in their business.  But there is multiple ERP software available in the market which is costly and highly complex in work nature.

Small and mid-range companies that enter the Indian market for ERP implementation aim for cost-effective and user-friendly solutions to manage their business. And, that’s where Odoo plays an important role in the Indian ERP market.

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Odoo India being a cost-effective and user-friendly ERP solution acts as a comprehensive business suite that integrates the accounting system, manufacturing, sales, eCommerce, Human Resource, and other functionalities of the business. Thus, it is considered to be one of the top all-in-one business management software.

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Top 5 Reasons why Odoo is suitable for India ?

1. Highly Cost-effective in nature

Budget plays a major role when it comes to selection of an ERP system. Odoo as an open-source ERP software is well-renowned for its cost-effectiveness. It is available in two different editions namely; Odoo Community Edition and Odoo Enterprise Edition. Companies that make use of only the basic functionalities of ERP software can easily opt with the Community Edition of Odoo software services India since it is free of cost. On the other hand, companies that largely depend on the integrated ERP functionalities can rely on Enterprise Edition of Odoo software services India in which the license key has to be purchased which is also cost-efficient.

2. Customizable

An ERP must be highly flexible in accordance with the work system in order to meet out the business requirements. When compared with the other ERP systems in the Indian market, Odoo India is highly flexible since it can be completely customized based on the user’s needs. Thus, Odoo ERP leads to better business and customer management within a short period of time. 

Further, users don’t have to purchase a complete set of the module to meet out an individual functionality need. For example, if a company needs a functionality to manage its payroll system, it doesn’t mean that it needs a complete Human Resource Management System. In Odoo, users can customize that particular need of managing the payroll system without purchasing the entire HRMS package.


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3. Odoo Modules

In the current market scenario, business growth cannot be obtained without depending on third-party applications. But the integration of these third-party applications with the implemented ERP system plays a major challenge. Odoo overcomes it in a simplified manner. Odoo Apps Store is an online platform where n numbers of Odoo modules are developed by Odoo partners & service providers and available for download. The major advantage is that most of the Odoo modules are free of cost which can be downloaded and implemented instantly. Thus the major complex business workflows can be easily broken down into a simple and easy system.

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4. Highly Reliable and User-friendly

The common question that arises among most of the companies; ‘What makes Odoo unique when compared with the other ERP systems available in the Indian market?’

Complexity in the work system leads to more time consuming and advanced technical knowledge to overcome it. Compared with the other ERP systems available in the Indian market, Odoo India is highly reliable and user-friendly which can be handled easily by a non-technical person. The navigations and simple configuration systems structuring the Odoo India system make it a more unique and user-friendly ERP system.


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5.       Worldwide Community and Support

Odoo is considered to be one of the fastest-growing ERP companies across the world. Even though Odoo is a Belgium based company, the development centre of Odoo is laid in India which benefits most of the Odoo development services in India. Also, Odoo renders an online community platform through which more than 20,000 people contribute their support across the world.

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