7 Reasons Why Your School Should Use School Management Software


Introducing technologies in various management fields for better development has become ineluctable in our modern digitalized era. Productivity and efficiency are all that matters when it comes to organizations such as schools where a mass number of students and staff work on a regular basis. It is mandatory for these organizations to opt with the advance solutions present in the market. So, what is school management system using ERP software?

Various resources of a school management system can be easily planned with the help of ERP planning software. For example, the management of students, teachers, records, finance, etc., of the school can be managed more efficiently by using the ERP for school management system.

The following are the 7 benefits of school management system using ERP which justifies the common question, why do schools need school management software.

  1. Student data management

The first and foremost benefit when it comes to the functions of school management system is ‘student data management’.

Managing the students’ data is one of the pivotal functions of school management system. When it comes to student data management, managing both present graduating students’ data as well as past graduated students data is very important. It is impossible to maintain all these records through documentation processes. By means of using ERP for school management system, the entire process can be simplified. And not only simplified but also it can be easily maintained.

  1. Staff data management

Every individual staff working in a school management consists of records not only about themselves but also about their department as well as respective students. Managing these records of staff is mandatory when it comes to managing the functions of school management system effectively. By using ERP for school management system, leaves, salary reports, increments, deductions, On Duty, etc., can be effortlessly administered.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, an individual portal specified for staff access has been allocated for better productivity.

  1. Attendance management

In schools, managing attendance for students, staff, and other individuals is a tedious job that requires a lot of manual work and also decreases the overall time efficiency and productivity of the organization. With the help of ERP school management software, every single process related to attendance management can be automated which directly increases the time efficiency and productivity of the organization. By using this automated system, the attendance management process will be carried out faster by removing redundancy and errors while it is calculated manually.

  1. Student reports

Every school organization makes use of progress reports in order to track a student’s progress. Tracking these reports after a period of manually is an impossible task. In order to overcome this hindrance of report management, the school management software allows the organization to manage the student reports through which the track report can be easily obtained within a few single clicks.

Further, these generated reports along with the representing dashboard are presented by means of an interactive and user-friendly GUI. Thus, a common staff can easily gain insights of the generated report.

  1. Financial management

One of the important and crucial functions of school management system is the fee collection which will be processed on term basis. Some of the organizations have initiated with the digital payment whereas some organizations still depend on banks.      Using ERP school management software, the fee management system is made easier.

Parents can easily transact the fee amount through online payment gateways which can be completely integrated with the ERP system. Also, when it comes to banks and their respective statements, it can also be reconciled with the respective bank accounts and the ERP system. Thus using the ERP for school management system, not only the organization gets benefited, also the parents feel ease and comforted.

  1. Administrative management

When we speak about the administration of a school management system, it has its quality that affects in every single department that takes part in the organization. Managing all these department records and maintaining them for future reference in order to lead the organization for glory is a tedious job.

The school management software helps in administrating the organization more efficiently. The administrators can easily opt with a better decision-making process by verifying the generated reports in the ERP for school management system. Even the root cause of minute changes in the calibration of every individual department can be easily calculated and prior solutions can be initiated as early as possible. Thus, it directly contributes to increase the productivity of the entire organization.

  1. Parental contribution

‘Parents play a significant role in their children life’. It suits mainly when it comes to their education and schooling. Every student’s parent has their responsibility and right to contribute their values towards their children future. Thus the parents are provided with the individual portal by means of which they can access their children’s reports and academic profiles through the ERP system. Parental contribution plays a pivotal role when it comes to every single student in the school management system.

Thus, adapting to new technologies and widening our work progress helps in achieving new heights. With our 18+ years of experience in the market, we implement Odoo ERP services to businesses across various industrial verticals. Feel free to reach us in case of any queries regarding the Odoo ERP implementation services in your organization.


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