Odoo V12 : The Key Features and Specifications


Digital technology has undoubtedly revolutionized our lives. Ever since the world went paperless we are able to execute more tasks, much more efficiently and effectively. 

So what has Odoo done to overcome these constraints?

Today, with an integrated business management software, the essential requirement to follow the mainstream workflow and to be part of the competition is of utmost importance. A good management system can help with all operational efforts and the concurrence of the issues that can be avoided. So even though business processes may subsequently be slowing down their production will comparatively beat that of their competitors.

Keeping all these constraints in management into account, the developers at Odoo have come with a fully integrated solution that can cover all the automating efforts with new and unique features. Odoo has been cautious to make its newest upgrade efficient to meet the recommendations that were missing or suggested in the previous version. It is now proud to release a mature management system that can at first and more, help in giving you more time! The expert R&D team has been working very hard on all the minutest details that will eventually but surely create a major impact and make a huge difference. Whether it’s about all the new and improved features, execution speed or the convenience in its usability, we can now safely say that Odoo 12 reaches the pinnacle of perfection! 

Odoo being the user-friendly ERP software has always progressed aiming at customer satisfaction and providing customers with a solution which is easy to handle. Odoo has a long history of releasing its new versions with enhanced features and specifications. Its latest version, Odoo 12 is expected to be released in October 2018.

To catch a glimpse of all the expected features:

  • New and improved dashboards for a better data understanding
  • Better barcodes, faster processes
  • Effectively manage all files with the new application: Odoo Documents
  • Easily enable showcase all of the products with the upgraded Product Configurator
  • Usage of multi-website option to boost the revenues
  • better enhanced Performance and Robustness

There is all this and so much more! Here below is a closer look at all the details of some of the many features which are expected to be in the new Odoo 12 version.

  1. Leave management in Odoo 12

In Odoo 12 leave management feature is quite simple and accurate where we can record leaves in hours, days, time period, etc. And also, Odoo 12 maintains the record of sick leaves, vacation leaves, paid time off leaves, etc., with right accuracy and easy accessibility.

  1. Multi-website management

Odoo 12 comes with a new feature of handling multi-websites. For eCommerce businesses this feature helps greatly in managing multiple website stores.

  1. Document Management System

With Odoo 12, the most anticipated new feature is to be the Document Management System, which the new version intends to release with more enhanced features for tracking, managing, and storing documents.

  1. New payment method in Odoo 12

Odoo 12 is about to introduce a new payment method, Altpay, in the release of its new version. Altpay is going to be added with the various payment gateways available in odoo, like: PayUmoney, Buckaroo, Authorize.net, Stripe, Adyen, Ingenico, PayPal, etc.

  1. IoT Box

In Odoo 12, to update data to Odoo work orders and others, IoT data input box has been deployed.

  1. New Dashboards

Odoo 12 version will be unveiling its new and optimized dashboards which provide a great deal of information to the users and are easy in managing to ensure smooth flow of work.

  1. New Barcode UI

This specific Odoo 12 feature mainly helps businesses based on inventory, since it is aimed at providing quality processing of stock-flow in and out.

Odoo has gone up and above expectations to out beat its previous performance and fix the bugs that were causing restraints in the previous version. Now Odoo can enhance its goals to bring out better outputs through seamless and timely delivery. 

What are You waiting for?