Why does your eCommerce store require Odoo Integration?


Ecommerce businesses have seen a major growth trajectory ever since 2020 and there is just no specific logic of it ever going back. While businesses are putting e-commerce as a part of their business model, here are facts and stats to prove the same:

It’s estimated that there will be 2.14 billion global digital buyers in 2021

But what exactly has impacted the spurt in Ecommerce?

-Undoubtedly the Covid 19 pandemic has manifolded the number of e-commerce users all across the globe. With the travel restrictions as well as the adherence to safety measures while stepping out, the majority of the population has shifted to online purchase as opposed to direct shopping.  

– Discounts and various offers introduced by the various e-commerce markets have prompted so many to prefer the e-commerce option instead of the direct purchase.

– We don’t have to necessarily spend our time and a whole lot of money to commute across places in order to purchase the required products. 

– Easy and immediate access to a variety of products across the globe which are sold at reasonable rates. 

– Immense scope for effectively choosing the product from so many different brands

– Reviews and ratings offered by the specific e-commerce platform that can help these customers to effectively select the products without any worry.

The way we see ecommerce today is not like it was several years ago. With the advancement in technology and just a clearer use of softwares to automate human efforts has led to a massive shift in the process of shipping integration all the way up to tracking and delivery. With every new business bringing out the best work in the ecommerce field with theirs at par with industry standards, existing businesses are looking to switch to a platform that will help to generate revenue at minimum investment, or in general, more effectively. 

In recent studies,

Ecommerce is said to make up a whopping 22% of retail sales worldwide by 2023.

Which means business efficiency is the need of the hour and to fully achieve this, companies need an efficient ERP software to help with the hectic process. That is why Odoo ERP is best recommended. While business consultants would normally advise you to check for the feature and choose the ERP that can offer you abundant features as well as a user-friendly platform, it is necessary however to identify the requirement and consult an ERP implementation company before finalizing the ERP.

But why choose Odoo?

It is always so much better to go for an advanced ERP solution that can assure you of direct and comprehensive support for the promotion of your entire business. Odoo’s open-source solution tends to offer basic support for the integration as well as the management of different types of operations which will be involved in the e-commerce implementation. 

So if you are aiming to get your payment, messaging and tracking integrations in one place, it can all be done in Odoo.

So, what are the advantages of Odoo eCommerce Integration?

E-commerce integration along with Social media and SMS integrations are key in helping the business to tie its operation of back end accounting and inventory management with the complete e-commerce website. It actually will help to automate many operations including that of invoice generation.

  • Catch the attention of the buyers

It is stated and proved that long descriptions are no more going to impact or attract buyers. In fact,

 81% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase online. 

So no amount of convincing will work in your favour. However, you can introduce them to the best quality product pages with improved prices as well as a scope for comparison. Odoo E-Commerce helps you to effectively design your own pages.

  • Shipping Integration Made Easy

With Odoo eCommerce, the user can fully integrate the product sale with shipping activities. It will also ease the business to merge shipping integration along with invoice generation and tracking activities without a hassle. Odoo can also be integrated with different shipping platforms such as FedEx, ISPS, and IPS.

  • Efficient Product Management and Inventory Integration

In an eCommerce platform, the most crucial fact is the wide product display. A customer gets quickly attracted to any product based on its display image, the overall product price display, and its crisp and clear description. Odoo allows you to fully customize these requirements. And as Odoo eCommerce can be integrated with the growing inventory, it also helps in well-integrated stock management.

  • One-step Checkout Process

Are you finding abandoned cart details in huge numbers? According to stats though, 

69.57 % of shopping carts are regularly abandoned.

Source : https://baymard.com/lists/cart-abandonment-rate

 It is however not a positive trend for an existing online market. With an easy check out method using Odoo, customers may not just abandon their cart on your online store due to the hassle in payment or purchase. The e-payment gateways along with the quick purchase management and invoice generation options of Odoo, can greatly help the business to reduce abandoned carts. 

  • Integrate Payment Gateways

It is not possible or ideal for every customer to go ahead and choose a single payment method. Customers should generally be provided with different payment options to pick from. Different countries or existing localities may tend to require different payment methods. Odoo eCommerce can be fully integrated and efficiently set with different payment methods so that any transactions that are made will have the integrations of PayPal, Wallets, even cryptocurrencies, along with the basic credit and debit cards.

  • Scope for integration

Odoo with its modular structure supports the user to fully integrate different features based on their actual requirements. Different Odoo modules such as the one that of sales, purchase, accounting, live chat, support, human resources, inventory as well as CRM can be integrated with the online website, thus improving the efficient operation of the complete online business.

PPTS allows you to build your online store with all the possible integrations and features. Our efforts to include Odoo integrations with the business model and to proceed with the same in deriving results will definitely pay off. As Odoo’s Official Gold Partner for over a decade, this is possible and has become a success for several businesses across an array of business niches. To know more visit: https://www.pptssolutions.com/odoo-erp-integration/

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