Covid 19 Crisis Management


How today’s response can position your business to thrive tomorrow?

Well, keeping all things aside, time has come to spread more awareness about what most people would be thinking about – the need of the moment! The way businesses need to tackle the Covid-19 crisis management

The Covid-19 outbreak is forcing companies to explore how they can survive while grappling with the crisis. Businesses will change after the Covid-19 Pandemic and after all, this will be a year that changed the trajectory of business. 

Can you believe that the spillovers of this crisis will last at least for the next 2 to 6 months meanwhile the businesses should find ways to tackle it by increased workplace regulation, travel restrictions, delayed investments and disrupted supply chains. 

How we meet the crisis head-on?

Every crisis that disrupts the business will have unique aspects. But still, there are certain general principles that are apt for every crisis most commonly. Let us have a look at the current situation of the coronavirus outbreak, The covid-19 pandemic has created a massive destruction across the entire world. 

Business market has crashed, the economic rate of countries has been tremendously depreciated, and countries have been locked down to avoid the spread of this coronavirus outbreak. Businesses and our daily lives have been stranded. As an advanced technological solution provider, PPTS has organized its risk management plans according to the current market and pandemic situation.


The following are some of the main business strategies implemented in order to cope with the arisen crisis.  

More Stress on Business Process 


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We make effective use of lockdown so that we standardize and revisit our business process so as to be future ready once things settle down. More stress is given for quality and improvisation and business process automation

Initially we all had less time to concentrate more on the business process that everything relied on projects and clients/customers. Now we utilize this time to bridge the gap and to standardise the business process. 

Social Networking


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Even when we are apart, we are united! To bring this in action, we have initiated social networking across all channels to be in touch with our clients/prospects to ensure they are safe and to make sure that the projects are safe with us. 

Business Continuity Plan


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The first and foremost important strategy to consider is the continuity plan in order to sustain the business processes without any obstacles. A Business Continuity Plan has been initiated in our work system which describes the plans, methods, actions and other necessary support for the project continuation and our employees to stay connected and be productive despite the pandemic situation.

Remote Business & Project Management

It isn’t advised to travel and work in a common place during this covid-19 pandemic situation. In order to sustain the project implementations and to provide our deliverables at the estimated timeline without any delay, we have initiated the concept of Remote Business & Project Management. By means of implementing this method, the development, support, and other vital processes of the business can be successfully undergone within the remote location of our employees. Thus, both the business processes and employee well-being can be successfully maintained at its best. 

Long term planning 


The future isn’t predictable. We don’t know how long the pandemic situation exists. Hence, it is advisable to plan the Business Continuity Plan on a long term basis. Even after the situation is under control, it takes some time for the economic rate to be normal. Until then, the business market will not be up to the expected level. In order to cope with the market trend and to sustain our business, we have planned our Business Continuity Plan on a long term basis. 

During this long term plan, we have got to manage our time in a more efficient way. Since we have more time for ourselves, we plan and streamline our business in the aspects of our future development, Also, we use this stranded time for better business improvisation by means of process improvisation, business process automation, technological improvisation, etc. 

Thus, being optimistic, we take this pandemic situation as an opportunity to develop both our business and personal skills. Also, we take this opportunity to understand more of our customers and to showcase our service even in a better and transparent way through which we strongly believe that we can gain their trust. If we don’t utilize this stranded time in a more productive manner, the foreseeable future of our business will be tough even after the market and economic rate becomes normal. 

Following our government’s action plan, it is our duty to protect not only us but also our country. Let’s follow their footsteps of precautionary acts and amidst the covid-19 pandemic, let’s stay positive and connected.

#StayHome & #StaySafe