COVID-19 Pandemic – What you need to know?


End of the decade was not as we expected. We were expecting new innovations and technologies that can rise our business and lifestyle to the next level. But what happened was something that we didn’t even expect. The outbreak of Coronavirus, Covid-19 Pandemic has completely made our world stranded. During the initial stages, we, common people didn’t realize its seriousness, But later, when it started to affect our routine life cycle, we realized our negligence and also, its serious impact that has made the world traumatized. When it comes to business, the entire market has crashed and disrupted. But still, companies and governments have initiated certain strategies to maintain the down-falling economy.

What do we want to know?

Coronavirus disease, also known as Covid-19  is an infectious disease causing virus that affects your respiratory system. It can cause mild or moderate respiratory illness. At present, there isn’t any specific vaccine that can able to cure this disease. 

The World Health Organization has revealed that the coronavirus disease is highly contagious and can transmit to humans through direct contact with the infected person primarily through their droplets of saliva or any other fluid discharges.

Is Covid-19 deadly?

With regards to the infected person’s immune system, it varies. If the immune system of the infected person is weak and cannot tolerate to produce enough antibodies to fight the virus invading the human body, it leads to the risk of an increase in fatal rate.

But, usually our body can fight the invaded virus by producing the required antibiotics. In case if there is any emergency situation, the infected person will be treated by the medical experts based on the medical organization standards.

Thus, the WHO and other health organizations have revealed that Covid-19 is not an airborne disease. Also, they have requested not to panic about the outbreak and take precautionary steps such as social distancing and other measures in order not to be contagious.

How to minimize the effect of Covid-19?

We can’t neglect the fact that Covid-19 is highly contagious. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t control it. Certain safety measures and precautionary actions can minimize and even stop the spread of coronavirus outbreak.


  • Social Distancing

We are more prone to this word, social distancing. It doesn’t mean to isolate ourselves from society. Just distancing ourselves from others so that we don’t get infected meanwhile we don’t infect others.

Self-isolation and quarantine is the essential measure to reduce and finally eliminate this contagious disease.

  • Environmental Measures

It is our responsibility to stay clean and stay healthy. In order to stay safe and be healthy, it is important to maintain our environment more clean and follow a hygienic lifestyle. Frequently clean your hands using sanitizers, handwash, or soaps, also sterilize your clothes, surfaces, and other objects that you are in direct contact with.

  • Personal Protective Measures

Personal hygiene is the first and foremost essential factor that plays an important role. In order to keep ourselves sterilized from these infective viruses, it is substantial to follow a hygienic lifestyle. Washing your hands regularly with soaps and sanitizers, using tissue while sneezing and coughing, disposing the used tissues in a closed dustbin, and wearing protective masks while you feel that you are infected are some of the basic factors that decides our hygiene system.

Note: Healthy people do not need to wear masks. Only infected people, healthcare workers, and those who take care of ill persons should wear masks.

Also, it is advised to be informative about the covid updates only from the official channels.

In this pandemic situation, our government has taken the initiative to protect us and our companies have initiated business continuity plans to maintain our economy rate. Now, it’s up to us. All we can do is, support these initiatives by staying back home and by developing a healthy environment. Let’s self-isolate and quarantine ourselves in order to overcome this pandemic situation.

Stay home & Stay safe. Also, Stay connected & Stay positive.