Top 5 reasons why Tally users need ERP integration


Feeling tedious in synchronizing your business data?

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Or Want to know about the benefits of integrating your Tally with Odoo ERP?

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With millions of businesses established across the globe, it seems quite difficult for an enterprise to manage every single accounting detail efficiently. To maintain the business success, it is substantial to manage the financial details and functionalities effectively. When compared with our current technological advancement, there are limitless challenges and responsibilities that a business should take care of. Accounts, purchases, sales, taxation, payrolls, inventory management, and various important functionalities are to be tracked and paced up along with the operations executed. In order to manage all these essential functionalities of a business, an all-in-one management software such as Tally ERP 9 is recommended by entities as their business management software.

Tally one of the most essential accounting software has been known for its financial applications and accounting system credibility. It has been greatly used in calculating monetary terms, accountancy, tax and GST calculations. Also, it helps in handling multiple accounting terms efficiently which is a well-mannered way allowing the data to flow regularly.


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But when a business achieves continuous business growth, Tally is not enough. To meet the updated market needs, businesses must opt with a complete enterprise solution that can streamline their business operations. When it comes to upgradation of new systems, one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is the migration of the existing system. Users find it difficult and complicated to adapt to a new system especially when they are experienced in Tally with its templates, norms and easy-to-use accounting processes. The main challenge is that removing Tally from any business operations is not possible. So, the only option left over is to integrate it with the upgraded ERP for achieving the seamless business process.

Here is the link to watch the Demo of Odoo Tally Integration :

Streamlining business process by means of Tally integration with an enterprise management software such as Odoo has multiple benefits over the business growth. Tally to Odoo integration not only eases your accounting, but also helps in automating other major business functionalities.     

Thinking about the benefits you gain from this Tally integration?

The following are the major reasons why to choose with Tally to Odoo integration.

  1.   By using Tally Odoo connector, Accounting Master Data can be accessed at ease.
  2.   Real-time data synchronization can be achieved easily. By implementing Tally ERP integration, the user doesn’t have to run through multiple systems to get the latest update in terms of the accounting system.
  3. Tally ERP integration with Odoo provides a full-fledged automated system of data fetching which reduces the duplications in the data inputs resulting in an error free data process.
  4.   Tally Odoo connector helps its users to be determined with well-informed decisions which leads to obtain the real-time visibility of the business.
  5.   Historical Data Upgradation

Ever thought if you can have a system that can update your old data in case of any allegations? 

Yes! By using Tally to Odoo integration, your business can experience much more benefits from many such norms which were once complicated and impossible. 

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