Enhance Your Business by Integrating ERP Using IoT


As we are in the period of continuous technological development, efficiency is what all about. Automation plays a major role in the overall efficiency of an enterprise. But when it comes to automation in an industrial province, it is required to maintain the synchronization of data between the major 3M’s namely Manpower, Materials, and Machines. The main challenge is synchronizing the 3M’s which is difficult till the previous technological era. Thanks to the technological concepts of IoT for making things easy.

IoT plays the concept of connecting various data and results obtained from the machines through the internet in a single device. Since we have already moved our business with ERP management system, it is easy to control various departments of business in a single platform. But the future is all about integrating ERP using IoT, making use of two different technological advancements to enhance the business to the next step towards perfection.

Bridge that connects ERP using IoT

Let’s get back to early 1990’s when IoT concept was not initialized. Even managing a couple of printers would be a nightmare. We have to monitor its ink and toner level frequently. But what about our present scenario? A simple notification will be provided if the ink or toner level gets reduced. Thus it reduces the tedious job of monitoring our devices. Automation process has been developed even in simple devices that is been used on daily life.

Nowadays we all are aware of the importance of the use of IoT and also ERP that is dominating in various sectors. Integrating ERP using IoT is a whole new standard of advancement to which we have progressed in the last few years. Integrating ERP with IoT can fuel the growth of business in both development and financial aspects. And also we know that ODOO ERP has widened its usage worldwide.


ODOO has launched its new innovation named ODOO IoT box, a whole new concept using the new ODOO IoT module. It is a raspberry pi microcontroller-based device that integrates with the ODOO ERP platform. It helps in connecting several external devices such as camera, printers, scanners, calipers etc through inbuilt wireless communication modules such as Wifi and Bluetooth. The ODOO IoT box integration app provides you with the worldwide range accessibility. Thus ODOO is making a huge difference in the field of ERP and its framework using the concepts of IoT technology.

Future is all about controlling the entire business with all stats and information interconnected in a single device. Thus ERP and IoT integrated together provide us a complete insight in various processes which not only helps in meeting the required target but also in further development in the future aspects.