Feel the Scalability in Odoo


It is being mandatory for a business in any field to update its properties and assets (resources) for its future enhancement. Updating the database management of a business is not an easy task since it requires a large amount of data transfer and also a hugely time-consuming process. Our clients who have already managed their entire business processes in the Odoo ERP platform sought help from us in order to advance their versions in Odoo ERP platform. By using the updated version to its core, they not only got adapted to the advanced features of Odoo ERP known for its multiple management systems but also they proceeded with further steps in increasing their scalability in their business sector.

When the overall efficiency of the system is far better, who won’t give a second thought to make progress in the same platform? We have to adapt to its technological advancement and upgrade ourselves to its latest hierarchy.

Migration of the entire database from the previous version in an ERP system is one of the main strategies to outlive our competitors. One of our clients who came for their data migration also had an idea of automating their entire process. But the main challenge is that the company has ‘n’ number of employees working on both day as well as night shifts. Till now the entire process is managed through logs and documents. If we have to play a major role in scheduling their entire process in an automated manner, we not only have to migrate their entire database to the system but also develop an individual scheduler through which their requirement has to be fulfilled.

The only option to automate their process is to develop a scheduler. We, PPTS have already implemented various projects on Odoo regarding Odoo customization, Odoo integration, Odoo migration and other aspects. It was a well repetitive and challenging way for our skilled developers to enhance their area of knowledge in the field of automation. We overcame the developmental challenge and produced an automated scheduler that works on the basis of employee availability, time, zone, and other various requirements. Thus the developed scheduler not only satisfied the client’s ideologies but also helped them in increasing their scalability in their business sector. Also, it was a great opportunity in handling a new challenge and making a first-hand impression to have the thought of PPTS whenever they needed a requirement to be fulfilled in their ERP platform.