How Successful Odoo Migration Helped VitalPet Reach Its Business Goals!


It is never easy to come to a consensus about decision-making, especially in regards to your business. While most businesses depend on the various ranges of costs and estimates, the actual factors that overshadow this judgement cannot be overlooked. 

According to many top consultants and experts in the field, 

Migrating either from one vendor’s product to another or to the cloud could either be to help increase efficiency, improve the cash flow and provide low-cost disaster recovery in general. 

But a major portion of any business submerges under this curious question;

Why should I migrate my Odoo ERP system from its existing version?

Migrating your outdated database to new and upgraded Odoo ERP versions allows you to have full availability of all the latest updates in the Odoo market. Therefore, even the minor complexity that should occur in your business can be fully resolved with all the latest technological updates.

If your business has decided to proceed with the process of Odoo migration but isn’t too sure of the outcome, then we suggest you seek the help and assistance of a migration partner. With the guidance of an Odoo partner, you can effortlessly migrate your entire customized Odoo modules along with all the up-gradation.

As per the advice of those in the field, we would recommend that you pick an Odoo partner over an Odoo freelancer. Here is why:

Odoo partners tend to have way more experience and offer dedicated support towards all your Odoo ERP migration requirements when compared to the support provided by Odoo freelancers.

PPTS has been offering business solutions to clients seeking Odoo migration as well as its salient services for over 19 years and is well recognized as Odoo’s Official Gold Partner. Amongst the wide plethora of clients from across the globe( mainly France, Europe, Canada and the Middle East) and covering a wide range of business niches, we have one unique client who has journeyed with us in making a decision that has altered their business dimension once and for all. 

VitalPet is a leading multi-branched veterinary hospital that aims to provide services in medicine, patient care as well as pet owner education. VitalPet also shares a wide range of knowledge through a well-connected network of doctors with strong skill sets, thus rendering the best care for pets. Being an eminent and leading veterinary hospitality service provider, VitalPet consists of several branches and subunits all across the country. They faced an issue of managing the complex workflows when it comes to the handling of payroll and employee management systems. To overcome this complexity as well as the  vast hospital functionalities, VitalPet uses Odoo for the healthcare industry which is ideally streamlined for their business. 

But eventually, they required an Odoo migration partner who can fuly analyze their work functionalities and provide them the required Odoo ERP customization services.

Thus to experience the Odoo migration solutions, VitalPet were in search of an eminent Odoo partner that can cover their requirements cost effectively. 

Then what was the actual problem? 

With several vendors, too many sub-branches, and subunits, VitalPet faced multiple challenges that hindered its growth and overall efficiency.

Initially, VitalPet relied on the Odoo 8 to fully streamline all their business functionalities. But since it also required several Odoo customization solutions, that version was just not enough. They weren’t able to meet their desired output with just a lower upgrade and needed to rethink their current stands. 

These were some of the major challenges faced by VitalPet:

  • Accumulation of several bills from various companies
  • Difficulty in altogether managing daily reports 
  • Inefficiency in managing multiple customers’ entries
  • Inconvenience in the monitoring system of the employee work hours 
  • Tedious scheduling and calculating processes for the employee work hours
  • Requirement of a full-fledged third-party integration with their respective banks
  • Unavailability of an adequate budget reviewing system
  • Unavailability of an e-document signature functionality 

This is when they approached us and found their solution!

VitalPet partnered with PPTS India Pvt Ltd. in order to overcome their above stated business challenges and as a result they were able to enjoy:

  • Automated system by means of efficient scheduler process
  • Streamlined payroll processes within a single click
  • Better employee management system

PPTS India Pvt Ltd., has an extensive experience and expertise in upgrading Odoo from different versions. Being an Odoo Migration service provider, along with the help of our proficient Odoo Functional and Technical Consultants assist our customers and their business in performing major migrations like from Odoo v9 to v13,along with the customized Odoo modules to the latest and desired Odoo versions available. The end-to-end migration processes are also taken care of, while promising a highly secured data transfer system.