Logistics integration with Odoo ERP


As we glide up in the staircase of technology development, Integration plays a major role. And in technological aspects, integration is considered to be the initial step towards automation. On the other hand, when we consider about eCommerce, it is a tedious department with many in and out processes to be carried out within the department itself. Warehouse management, Quality Control, Shipping, Customer Services, etc., are some of the primary tasks carried out in an eCommerce department. But the question is how to overcome and handle these tedious works in a department at ease.

Integrating the eCommerce functionalities with ERP software would be a better solution such as Odoo third party logistics integration.

A Silicon Valley medical therapy company that manufactures and delivers some of the world’s most technologically advanced Laser Phototherapy (LPT) devices operated across various countries worldwide have millions of users on daily basis. They had their hindrance in delivering their products such as tracking, maintaining their customers’ details accordingly, sales order proceeded, etc.

They had their eCommerce company managed with Odoo ERP as their resource planning software. The requirement was to integrate Odoo logistic processes with Odoo ERP through which they can manage their shipping as well as other customer management processes. And also, a bidirectional data management system should be endorsed within the Odoo logistics integration which means that the data must be transferred from Odoo to logistics system and vice versa.

DCL integration with Odoo

Odoo ERP, one of the most powerful BI tool helps in managing the eCommerce functionalities such as customer details, sale and purchase orders, product details, invoices, etc. On the other hand, DCL is one of the most commonly preferred shipping service providers. But the question is how to integrate Logistic Processes with Open ERP.

The products developed by the manufacturer will be shipped and delivered by means of DCL, the logistics company whereas the entire details of the shipment, as well as product and customer details and other data processes, will be administered within the Odoo ERP.

When a customer places an order in the eCommerce store, details related to product, customers, and other shipment related details will be transferred to DCL by means of API concept processed in the Odoo third party logistics integration.

On the other end, DCL will process this provided information and ship the purchased product to the respective customers based on the provided shipment details. Apart from it, DCL will provide back with the data significant to the shipped products.

According to the provided data from the DCL, the entire shipment process is classified based on the three tracking type in product.

  1. Track by Lots
  2. No Tracking
  3. Track by Serial number

How the DCL flow works

If the tracking type is Tracking – by unique Serial number, a tracking reference number along with a serial number will be transferred to the Odoo ERP by DCL and the below data will be updated in Odoo for logistics company.

After updating these values, the delivery order gets validated. In case, if the serial number is not updated to that particular delivery order, it does not get validated and also a warning message will be generated. Thus the shipment process will not be completed.

Pictorial Representation

The sale order gets placed in the Logistics Company from ODOO in order to confirm sales order. And also, the status of the sale order gets updated as ‘Sent to DCL. Awaiting for Update.

Information such as Customer details, Product details, Shipping and Billing details are provided to the Logistics Company.

Details of the delivery order in DCL get updated with Tracking and Serial Number.

The same Serial number is added in Delivery Order for tracking purpose in Odoo ERP.

Delivery order information along with the Tracking Reference number, DCL Shipped Cost and Date of Transfer is updated in Odoo ERP.

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