Odoo 15 Roadmap : Expected Features


Odoo is making way for yet another exciting launch this year!

Yes, yet another version about to be rolled out, we can be sure of the fact that, unlike the previous version, this one will hold some major improvements and advancements. 

Among ERP users and all the other techies, Odoo has prominently and most certainly become a hot topic.

But why does it hold such interest?

The highlight of Odoo is that it is way too user-friendly in terms of being swift, trust-worthy, and effectual ERP support for several varied sized businesses.

This can range from small to medium-sized businesses which will require an ERP solution that is suitable for any business in particular for that industry. 

So what’s the big buzz? 

Every year, Odoo launches a new and exciting version with several new and improved features and extensions, thus enabling the enhancement of ERP features as well as in helping the businesses reach a state above development. 

Last year, for many industries, the Odoo ERP solutions, which is constantly on the move towards a newer upgrade scaled to a whole new realm of progress and productivity as it migrated to version 14 with an array of attractive features and widgets to add to its belt. 

The Odoo Experience 2020 launched the most awaited Odoo14 edition during a 2-day online event that took place around 30 September to 1 October 2020.

Odoo: New Exciting Versions Each Year!

Here’s an interesting fact to take note of:

Boasting more than 5 million users worldwide, Odoo is definitely one of the most popular ERP solutions there is on the market. (source : www.odoo.com) 


It cannot be denied that Odoo is also an open-source software solution provider for all business-related queries with the simplest and highly effective solutions. The arrival of Odoo 14 has definitely provided a boost for most business sectors that majorly rely on ERP software solutions to upscale their business. 

Throughout the business world, there are scores in anticipation of any news over the highly sought after  Odoo 15 release dates along with any information on the Odoo 15 expected features which have not yet been scheduled and left uninformed so far.  (We were also super curious when we released Roadmap with Expected features for Odoo v14!

But that is not all.

Odoo is working behind the scenes to add extra attention and focus on the enhancement of all it’s existing features and likely seeks the inputs from its current users on the upgrade that they would like to see!

A little dig into its portals reveals everything interesting that is cooking for Odoo users around the world who are eagerly on the lookout for the latest version. So here goes!

Odoo 15 Expected Features: What’s New?

The latest version of Odoo is soon to be released this year: the highly anticipated Odoo15 and as users of Odoo, we are always keen to know what Odoo could possibly come up with that could beat its previous update.

There are a lot of concerns & important discussions going on about the most sought after Odoo 15 releases dates and rumours have been making their rounds between users and developers.

But as per some reports, in many different areas, Odoo 15 will also come up with several changes, these can include:

 – new import screen option with many more extra improvements, such as the new menu to help handle cash rounding in terms of accounting. 

– this new field for handling invoices in Accounting > Configuration > Management > the cash rounding segment. 

– The new editable and adjustable Pivot Views and Graph Views which can be used through Odoo Studio

Odoo 15 is said to realize all these new features during the highly hoped for Odoo Experience 2021. While Odoo is definitely moving forward towards more advanced areas of expertise and becoming the best choice every year for major business benefits among top companies and its industrialists. 

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About 5 millions grow their business with Odoo.