Why Odoo is the best alternate for SAP?

Why Odoo is the Best Alternate for SAP

Over the years, we have traversed across various innovations and technological evolutions in the ERP market. The ERP companies have acknowledged with cloud, IoT and other various business needs in the past years. One step closer to the future, they have also assisted with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to adapt our business verticals with the evolutions. When compared with the ERP systems that were present in the past twenty or thirty years before, we may sense a totally different kind of ERP systems at present, after all its innovative changes and evolution. Even though after immeasurable transformations in the field of ERP systems, the underlying principle lies the same and common among various ERP providers i.e. to plan all the resources in an enterprise.

When we assess the Enterprise Resource Planning systems, SAP is one of the leading ERP software companies. However, Odoo ERP is considered to be one of the fastest growing ERP companies in the current Resource Planning market. But the question is why Odoo is the best alternate for SAP?

When we consider about the large enterprises, SAP is one of the dominant ERP solution providers rendering their services for over a couple of decades. But also we can’t neglect the fact that SAP is incredibly expensive. Not only expensive to inaugurate an ERP business in it but also it is expensive in maintenance. Further, SAP implementation and customization requires trained SAP professionals which is also expensive in real time. Hence the common question arises; which ERP system is the best open-source alternative to SAP?

When we ponder about SAP alternative open-source, Odoo ERP software is the best alternative open source ERP software. Odoo ERP software, one of the well-known SAP competitors, is known for its open source and easy access characteristics. It’s user-friendly approach and customer coverage over SME’s has deemed itself as the most trusted ERP solution render in the current ERP market.

The following are some of the feature comparison which reflects the unique primacies of Odoo over SAP.







Cost Efficiency

When compared with SAP and other ERP systems, Odoo is absolutely the cost-effective ERP systems to manage business verticals.

Even though SAP is the dominant ERP solution provider, we can’t neglect the fact that SAP is incredibly expensive.



Odoo ERP software is modular structured ERP software in which modules are created to perform each and every individual functionality.

On the other hand, SAP is built-to-suit enterprise software. It has to be customized
based on business requirements and processes. Hence, SAP requires more workflows in order to be customized when compared with Odoo.



Odoo ERP Software is open source software which can be used without any purchase of a license.

SAP is licensed ERP software which has to be purchased according to the business needs.



Odoo has its major advantage in user-friendly approach by means of easy access even to complicated processes.

Complicated user-interface which leads to further complication in work processes.



Acquisition and deployment cost is very low when compared with other ERP software systems. Hence, the Total Cost of Ownership is low.

Acquisition, deployment, and maintenance cost is very high. Thus Total Cost of Ownership is high.



Odoo ERP software is highly securable with the most advanced and upgraded technology in the ERP market.

SAP’s security level is low when compared to Odoo since it has remote access throughout your surroundings.


Inventory Management

In addition to the features of Inventory management, Odoo supports Freight Carrier Integration, Non-stocked inventory in products, multiple variants, etc.

SAP does not support the additional features in Inventory management such as Freight Carrier Integration, multiple variants, etc.



The major advantage of Odoo is that it is written in Python which is supported by a much larger population. Hence, it has a wide range of support worldwide.

SAP can be implemented and supported only by trained professionals of SAP.


Apart from the above features comparison, both Odoo and SAP have their own credibility in the Enterprise Resource Planning software market. We can’t neglect the fact that SAP is one of the world’s mature and largest ERP providers. On the other hand, Odoo ERP software is the best alternative for SME’s which is easy to implement, customize, and configure based on the business needs. Hence, when it is about SAP alternative open source, Odoo ERP software will be of the best choice to be considered.

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