Odoo: Community version Vs Enterprise version

Odoo Community Version vs Enterprise Version

Over the past years Odoo ERP has become undoubtedly the trusted resource for ERP solution seekers. With its latest release, Odoo 11 version, this ERP solution provider has garnered again proved their impact and popularity is undisputable. In its latest release, that is: Odoo 11 version, similar to its previous versions this too has both the Community version and Enterprise version.

Listed below is the detailed information about the specifications available in Enterprise & Community versions.


Basically Enterprise & Community versions are not too different from each other expect the specifications available in them. In simple words, Odoo Enterprise is a licensed version and Odoo Community is an open-source version.


In Odoo ERP, even the basic & necessary features differ according to the versions. For example: Odoo Enterprise version has Functional support, Version Upgrades, Bugfix guarantee, etc. But on the other hand, Odoo Community version since it is an open-source platform offers none of the above said features. 

Sales Management

In an industry which handles the sales module, the features like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer portal, sales, etc., will be definitely helpful in the business processing which is available to access in Community version. The Enterprise version being the licensed platform offers the above said features along with VoIP integration, eSignature, Subscriptions, Digital Products, Helpdesk, etc.  

Human Resources

The Enterprise version in Odoo has the features of Employee Directory Maintenance, Expenses Management, Leaves Management, Recruitments, Appraisals, and Departments Dashboard in the Human Resources module. The Community version also offers the above mentioned features except Appraisals and Departments Dashboard.


In the Manufacturing module, the Enterprise version has advantages in offering more features than the Community version. The features of Work centre control panel and scheduling, Product Lifecycle Management, Quality, Shipping, Maintenance and MRP are available in the Enterprise version. While on the other side, the Community version offers MRP, concentrating more on the particular feature.  


Since the E-Commerce module provides its customers with an all-in-one solution service, the Community version provides full ecommerce support enabling the customers to use the full benefit of this module. The Enterprise version, along with the full ecommerce support provides additional specifications like: Shipping integration, eBay connector, Amazon Connector.

Also, both the Enterprise and Community versions offer other features like: Chat box, Google Spreadsheet Integration, Fleet Management, Notes, Appointments (only in Enterprise version), etc.