Key Elements For Efficient Odoo Lazada Integration


With the upgraded technologies and modern digital lifestyle, a huge number of businesses are benefited by eCommerce platforms. Consumers are moving towards convenience focused society in which they no longer desire to venture through the streets in order to buy things.

eCommerce is booming NOW, amidst the pandemic!!!!

Can you believe it???

Speaking about eCommerce platforms, Lazada Group, a German based company is one of the leading eCommerce companies for businesses to retail online service. With their operations in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, Lazada has raised US$647 million.

Are you running your online business sales through the Lazada? Looking for a better ERP integration service to automate your eCommerce business?

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Odoo being a business management ERP software acts as an integrated suite to manage your business functionalities such as CRM, accounting, warehouse and inventory management, etc., efficiently. Integrating this highly efficient ERP system with Lazada can welfare the customer’s eCommerce business with various multi-dimensional advantages.

So, why is it important to integrate your online business with an ERP system?

  1. Data Accuracy plays a major role when it comes to success in online business. Odoo integration with Lazada eCommerce helps its users in eliminating the manual data entry process.
  2. Increase in sales growth is the final result we crave for. Odoo ERP integration with eCommerce assists directly in multi-channel sales growth by availing various third-party integrations.
  3. It ensures an overall increase in business productivity. Thus, a better way to experience the cost-effective business solutions.

Speaking about the key features, Lazada open platform assists its users with stable performance along with an integrated platform and a secured framework.

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Our simple Odoo eCommerce integration can help you with it!

When it comes to Odoo Lazada eCommerce integration, the common question that we face is,

What are the key elements to consider while processing Odoo Lazada Integration?

Key Elements of Odoo Lazada Integration

Integrating the Odoo ERP system with your Lazada eCommerce business is simple when we understand the underlying principles of this Odoo eCommerce integration. The following are the key elements of Odoo ERP integration with Lazada.


  • Lazada User credentials 

The first and foremost essential element is the Lazada credentials owned by the user in order to run their online business. To process with the Lazada Odoo Connector services, these Lazada user credentials are processed initially.

  • API Sandbox Account 

Once the Lazada user credentials are processed, the second most essential element to be considered is the API Sandbox Account creation. In order to create an API sandbox account, credentials such as online shop ID, username, password, and registered business email are processed. Using the obtained credentials, an API sandbox account is created from the user end. Later, the API account will be verified by the Lazada system.

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  • Sensitive Data

As soon as the API sandbox account is created, the sensitive data of the customers are to be processed. In order to process the customer sensitive data, a strong security system has to be enriched between the two systems such as unique password, encryption of data system, etc. 

  • Odoo Lazada Connector

A bidirectional data transfer system has to be encrypted between the selected ERP system and the Lazada eCommerce platform. With the help of our pre-developed Odoo Lazada Connector module and based on the client’s unique business flow, a bidirectional data transfer system will be provided between the implemented Odoo ERP system and their online store in Lazada eCommerce.

Thus, processing the above mentioned key elements, integration of the Lazada eCommerce with Odoo ERP can be successfully implemented.

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