Odoo Online vs Odoo.sh vs Odoo On-Premises – A Complete Guide For Hosting


Over the past decade, the impact of ERP in a business work system is highly evident. In accordance with globalization, it is essential to implement tools and advanced technological features of ERP to give your business a competitive edge. Speaking about advanced ERP features at cost-effective nature, Odoo plays a major role in the ERP market with its open-source and highly flexible nature. When a user decide to opt with Odoo ERP as the resource planning software for their business, the first and foremost question that arises is;

‘How to choose the type of hosting for Odoo ERP?’ 

Types of Odoo Hosting

When it comes to hosting, Odoo Enterprise Modules can be hosted in three different hosts, namely; 

  • Odoo Online, 
  • Odoo.sh, and 
  • Odoo On-Premises

Based on the business needs, the pros, and cons of the Odoo hosting platform, the user can opt with the best suitable host. Let’s have a look at the insights of the three different Odoo hosting platforms.

Odoo Online

Odoo online is known for its simplicity and instance setup. Within a flash of time, Odoo Online is processed through Odoo subscription since it is an Odoo SaaS platform based in the cloud system. SaaS stands for Software as a Service denoting the cloud-based system rendered to all the users as software service. By subscribing with a licence fee, the user gets full access to the online software for a regular interval. 


When compared with other hosting methods, Odoo online is highly beneficial since it is simple and doesn’t require any hardware, servers, or infrastructure. 

Benefits of Odoo Online:

The following are the major benefits of Odoo Online.

  • Highly simple 
  • Technical support from Odoo support team itself 
  • 24/7 support and assistance
  • Odoo cloud platform with top-notch performance 
  • Unlimited bug fixing 
  • Unlimited security updates 
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime from the cloud Service Level Agreement
  • Database will be backed up on regular basis
  • Provision of 3 different machines in different continents 
  • Duplication of database at ease to implement new features
  • Consistent upgradation of updated Odoo module releases
  • Provision of Odoo Studio which allows to customize views, reports, create new Odoo apps, and also to perform automated actions


  • Installing third-party applications are restricted
  • Changing the source of Odoo apps is restricted due to stability reasons

Odoo On-Premises

Odoo On-Premises hosting platform is nothing but hosting the Odoo ERP system in the user’s own server, setting up the whole hosting system in the user’s infrastructure. Odoo does not render their support directly rather, they help in certain technical documentation support. Further, there are various Odoo partners available across the globe who can assist the users with the local deployment.

The following are the most important criterias the user has to verify before signing into Odoo On-Premises.

  • Service Level Agreement 
  • Disaster Recovery Policy 
  • Data Policy and Back-up downloads
  • Provision of test environments
  • Maintenance and upgradation responsibilities 

Benefits of Odoo On-Premises hosting:

The following are the benefits of on-premises Odoo services.

  • Complete control and autonomy of Odoo installation
  • User can use any Odoo apps; certified, third-party vendors, or new built apps 
  • Availability of source-code customization
  • Customized ERP system for unique business flows
  • Support from Odoo partners


  • Crucial for the robustness
  • Additional cost requirement when compared with Odoo Online hosting

Looking for customized Odoo implementation solutions?

As an Odoo expert, we first understand your business requirement and then, customize our Odoo services accordingly.


As said earlier, Odoo Online is a SaaS based system i.e., Software as a Service. Whereas, Odoo.sh is a PaaS – Platform as a Service – rendered and managed by Odoo SA. It allows the users to deploy their own Odoo cloud platform. In case if the user needs to customize the implemented Odoo ERP system, it is advised to opt with Odoo.sh. Further, availability of Odoo modules from Odoo apps store makes the users process more easier to meet their business requirements.


Odoo.sh platform is managed by Odoo SA. Service level agreement and data backup process and centres are the same as Odoo Online.

Benefits of Odoo.sh

The following are the advantages of Odoo.sh

  • Highly flexible and scalable 
  • Inbuilt email server 
  • Available installation of third-party Odoo modules from Odoo Apps Store
  • Advanced built-in tools
  • Integration with Github
  • Own runbot assisting continuous integration
  • Branch management
  • Automated testing


Opting with the right hosting system is substantial which directly assists in your business success. Based on the business requirement and work system, it is recommended to make a wise choice when it comes to choosing the right Odoo edition (Odoo Community or Enterprise edition) and the perfect hosting platform. 

If you are still stagnated to choose your hosting platform, as an Official Odoo Gold Partner and an efficient advisor, we are here to serve you.