Odoo partners vs Odoo freelancers


In every industrial evolution and technology up-gradation, experience is what matters. Technological solutions provided by experts in that particular industry will be more valuable when compared with other service providers.

Odoo ERP is all-in-one business management software through which the entire departments in an enterprise such as manufacturing, billing, accounting, etc., can be managed at ease. Odoo is considered to be the fastest growing ERP Company in the enterprise software market. After its pivotal change in 2010, Odoo has become more prominent among others in the ERP market.

Odoo Partners vs. Odoo Freelancers

When a company chooses Odoo ERP as its enterprise management software, the first and foremost question that rises among the users are; whether to precede Odoo ERP implementation through Odoo partners or by Odoo freelancers? When an enterprise that already runs their management in Odoo ERP will have a doubt in customizing or integrating their ERP system through Odoo partners or by Odoo freelancers?

Why choose an Odoo partner?

The following are some of the characteristics compared for Odoo partners vs freelancers.

  • Support

The first and foremost advantage of Odoo partners over Odoo freelancers is that the support they provide to the end to end projects. A service does not end abruptly when the product is delivered. Maintenance and support is a continuous long time process. When we speak about long time support, opting for Odoo partners is the best and well-suggested choice.

On the other hand, Freelancers are single persons who also have experience in Odoo ERP implementation process but the thing is that they work on time and material basis. And also when compared with the Odoo partners, freelancers cannot provide continuous support due to the above-said reasons.

  • Experience

Odoo partners have a wide range of experience in managing Odoo ERP implementation and development processes. Continuous involvement in Odoo projects such as implementation and customization increases the skill sets of the experts in a constant manner.

On the other side, even though the Odoo freelancers are experienced, they are not sure with continuous exposure to the projects and updates available in the market. 

  • Quality

When it comes to quality deliverables, it is always recommended to opt for the best Odoo partners available, since experience and support are the characteristics needed for a quality deliverable. Odoo partners assure with quality service since they work as a dedicated team but in case of Odoo freelancers, it may be an issue since a single person proceeds with the entire process.

  • Cost

When we speak about Odoo partners vs Odoo freelancers, cost-effectiveness plays an important role. Most of the small scale business enterprises prefer Odoo freelancers since they are less in the estimated cost. But they fail to recognize the underlying difference and effectiveness in the estimated cost involved.

We cannot deny the fact that Odoo freelancers are cost-effective when compared to Odoo partners. But the reason behind the estimation is due to various factors. Team building, experts, project management tools, and other specialized requirements are needed for rendering the quality risk free services which can only be obtained from the Odoo partners. These parameters aren’t necessary for an Odoo freelancer. Thus it is the reason behind the quotation difference laid by the Odoo partners and Odoo freelancers.

  • Deadline & Scalability

Project completion at the requested date is an essential characteristic which we have to look for when we opt for a developer. In that case, it is suggested to move with the Odoo partners since they have a specialized team to work in the significant requirements placed and delivering the requirements before the deadline which will be their main characters as an enterprise. But on the other hand, Odoo freelancers work without a proper team and support which may lead to failure in delivering the requirements before the deadline.

And as we speak about the scalability, the Odoo partners have experts in a uniformed team through which the projects of implementation, integration, and customization are carried out. Since they work as a team, flexibility and scalability get significantly increased which adds up as an advantage to the Odoo partners.

Thus by comparing the above points, Odoo partners are more significant when compared with the Odoo freelancers. In case of experience, quality, and support, Odoo partners act as the better option. But in case of cost efficiency, Odoo freelancers are the better choice but also risk factors are high.

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