Odoo QuickBooks Integration | Quickbooks Odoo Connector


Integration, becoming the more prominent word of our modern business world, acts as a powerful tool in enhancing the business models of various vectors. Nowadays, due to the enormous growth of science and technology, every business models indulge in the usage of multiple systems for their core processes. In order to increase the productivity of these multiple verticals, integration between these multiple systems plays an important role. Further, integrating two different systems not only fuels your business but also provides more efficient in cost perspective and business handling criteria’s.

An energy consumption management company in the United States of America had its efficiency miniature in maintaining their accounts system. Since managing their inventory and accounting systems was a tedious job, integration was their only solution in order to overcome their hindrance. They had their systems managed in the Odoo ERP platform from which data are to be migrated i.e. the entire clients’ data should be migrated to QuickBooks which is one of the powerful accounting software in industrial markets. In order to migrate the entire data system and gain more control over the accounting system, integrating their Odoo ERP system with QuickBooks will act as an effective solution that offers accounting, payroll, Odoo QuickBooks payment control, and other real time-tracking tools.

Odoo to QuickBooks integration:

As said earlier, integration is a powerful tool for combining multiple systems in order to enhance your business. Odoo to QuickBooks integration is an effective solution since QuickBooks inventory management helps its customers in managing their inventory products in accordance with accounting, payroll, etc. Also in order to sync data such as customer data, inventory data, etc., Odoo QuickBooks sync functionality and customer data integration is also a substantial process.

QuickBooks is all-in-one accounting software similar to Odoo ERP which comprises of functionalities such as Purchase, sales, etc. Moreover, QuickBooks is easy to use with its simple user-interface which accompanies with guidance tools and automatic correction features with data input points.

Odoo QuickBooks sync:

Odoo to QuickBooks Integration process is carried out by means of a scheduler which synchronizes the data using bidirectional transfer system i.e. from Odoo to QuickBooks as well as QuickBooks to Odoo. Scheduler functionality is developed and customized through which the entire Odoo QuickBooks sync can be processed. The scheduler functionality can also be automated by means of specifying the time period for automatic synchronization.

The entire process such as purchase, sales, invoice, etc. gets synched from QuickBooks to Odoo during this synchronization process. The customer data integration is provided through which the data of the customers are synchronized to the Odoo ERP. Further, these data are also updated in the QuickBooks database from Odoo ERP. Thus the entire integration works in a bidirectional data transfer system.

QuickBooks Desktop application allows you to manage your customers, vendors, finance, clients, and inventory. As said earlier, the ultimate scope is to synchronize data from QuickBooks desktop with Odoo ERP system which is processed by means of scheduler functionality. In addition to this, the scheduler functionality is provided with timer option through which the entire synchronization process can be automated. The required time period for synchronization is provided within the scheduler functionality. Once the timer meets the provided criteria, it will automatically initiate the synchronization process.

As an Odoo third-party integration process, the below-listed data table will be updated while running the synchronization process.

  • Payment Term
  • Tax
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Customers and Vendors
  • Products
  • Sales order
  • Customer invoices
  • Purchase order
  • Vendor Bills
  • Receive Payment
  • Payment to vendor

Since Odoo ERP, all-in-one software is a web-based tool, data management from anywhere in this globe is feasible by means of simple internet connectivity. Moreover, the Odoo QuickBooks connector is simple to be integrated and processed and thus the functionalities along with the integration help in effective and efficient decision-making process.