Top 5 Challenges Faced by Our Customers Before Odoo Tally Integration


Every Business is important! Considering the success  and growth factors which are inevitable for all, we got a chance to understand our Customers in dealing with their problems and challenges. 

Here are different sets of challenges faced by most of the businesses, (yours can also be one among them) in dealing with Accounting data management and other related verticals of businesses. 

  1. Having two applications, running independently where there are huge data dependencies for both Odoo and Tally to function. This has huge data duplication, more resource time. Delay in operation delivery, missing or error in data entry.

  2. A common solution for addressing the core operations and accounting data management functionalities

  3. Looking for Integration of Odoo ERP with Tally for getting seamless data exchange.

  4. Can’t get rid of Tally as it is important for Tax reports and Auditing. At the same time wants a smooth flow of data from Odoo to Tally without manual intervention.

  5. How to establish a proper Odoo Tally Integration?

Now, let’s deal with the problems one by one !! 

Customer 1:

“Data Management is one of the major challenges we face in running our business. Multiple applications are processed in managing our business. Having multiple applications leads to huge data dependency. Also, it leads to data duplication which completely lags our business operations, resulting in delay of the overall delivery system.

Whether this Odoo with Tally integration can help us overcome this (annoying) business situation? Can Tally Odoo connector benefit us with a highly efficient data management system?”

Effective Data Management is the foremost advantage of Tally to Odoo Integration module. The following benefits are assisted by the Tally Odoo Connector to our customer.

  • 100 % Data Accuracy – free from data entry errors
  • No manual data punching in Tally
  • Save manpower and time efficiency resulting in increased productivity
  • Complete automation of data process
  • Maintain log of integrated entries
  • Automatic creation of Masters
  • Eliminates dual entries in various system
  • Gain all the GST related reports from Tally after data Transfer

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Customer 2:

“Tally alone can’t help us in meeting our core operations along with accounting functionalities which is the main reason for us to opt with an ERP integration solution. Will this Tally to Odoo integration module help us to overcome our problem of meeting our core operations and accounting data management functionalities in an efficient manner? Will this Tally integration with Odoo ERP streamline our core business operations?”

Tally ERP integration allows its users with the automation of business processes. The confused state of our customer was sorted out with our efficient Tally Odoo Connector benefiting them in the following ways.

  • Automation of business administrations 
  • Streamlining the core business functionalities
  • Establishment of error free accounting system
  • Better management resulting in business decision making skills


Customer 3:

“Seamless data exchange is all what we expect in order to run our business efficiently. Can Tally integration with Odoo ERP provide us with a better solution for our data exchange business requirements?” 

  • By Tally Data Integration, establish a centralized data system
  • Real-time data consolidation from various systems 
  • Efficient internal communication within the integrated systems 
  • Proper data handling system resulting in error free data entries and data duplicacy

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Customer 4:

“We are dependent on Tally since we are into our business. We can’t get rid of Tally as it is important for managing our tax reports and for our auditing purpose. As we are already using Odoo ERP, we need a smooth data flow from Odoo to Tally without any manual intervention. Can we automate the data flow between these two different applications by means of Tally ERP integration?”

  • Automated bidirectional Tally Odoo data transfer system
  • Continuous synchronization between two integrated systems
  • Data reports will be automatically generated based on the data transfer
  • Streamlined performance of audits and tax report generations

Customer 5:

“We are already using Odoo ERP and Tally for administering our business. Is it advisable to integrate Odoo with Tally? If advisable, what will be its benefits while compared with our existing ERP system?” 

By means of installing Tally Odoo Connector in your work system, the following are the benefits obtained by our customer.

  • Centralised data management system using Tally Data Integration
  • Integrated bidirectional data transfer system
  • Business process automation with better visibility 
  • Highly cost efficient business management with effective time efficient solutions
  • Well synchronized system resulting in better business decisions

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