Odoo Vs SAP


SAP has been a popular ERP solution over couple of decades, providing ERP services aiming at business scope for large enterprises. However, Odoo ERP with its user-friendly approach, easy access of complicated processes, and good customer coverage over SME’s and big enterprises has distinguished itself as the current generation’s most used and most trusted ERP solution provider in the enterprise software market. 

Below are few of the detailed & compared specifications of Odoo ERP and SAP Business One to ascertain which ERP solution provider benefits a great deal for industries.


  • Inventory management

When it comes to inventory management Odoo ERP or OpenERP possess specifications like Multi-Warehouse, Storage Locations, Bin Replenishment, Mobile Device support, Multi-Company, Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, Package Management, Freight Carrier Integration, and Manage Consignee stocks. On the other hand, SAP Business one provides all the above aspects except Freight Carrier Integration.

  • Manufacturing

Since the manufacturing module is considered very important for mid-sized and small manufacturing enterprises an ERP solution provider must focus on providing end-to-end business solution for this module. Here are the few of many features provided by SAP Business one: Multi-level BoM, Subassemblies, Demand Forecasting, MRP 1 Scheduler, Gantt Chart Scheduling, Infinite Capacity Scheduling, Manufacturing/ Production orders, FIFO, Demand Forecast, etc. Odoo ERP in the same module provides all the above mentioned features along with Routings, Master Production Schedule, Kanban Planning, Actual Production labour, Barcode support, Schedule Management, Maintenance KPIs, Dynamic Pivot Tables, and much more.  

  • Product Lifecycle Management

In Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Odoo module has various specifications like: MRP integration, ECOs, BoM Version Difference Viewer, Project eMail Gateway, and Routing Version Management, etc. While SAP Business one offers only Bulk BoM Updates.

  • Maintenance

In the maintenance module Odoo ERP has various specifications which are comprised under two categories: Scheduling and Request Handling & Parts Management. Specifications available in Odoo ERP for Maintenance module are: Schedule Preventive Maintenance, Maintenance Kanban, Asset Management, Job Tracking, Purchasing Integration, Dealer Portal, Equipment Serial Numbers, etc. Particularly in the Maintenance module, SAP Business One concentrates on offering only Inventory Management and Purchasing Integration.

  • Other features

Apart from the above mentioned features, SAP offers other features like: Procure to Pay, Plan to Product, Order to Cash, Core Human Resources, Core Finance. From the point of Odoo ERP, it offers features like: Website Edition, Accounting, Ecommerce, eSignature, Automated Stock Update, Automated calendar, Customer Support, etc.