Sales Person Target Management in Odoo


In the rising environment of our industrial culture, the target requirements for various sales and marketing departments in an enterprise have widely enhanced. In order to achieve the provided targets, salesperson from the sales and marketing department are assigned for follow up and closures. But when it comes to measuring these sales targets for the various target assigned salespersons and maintaining these records for years is not an easy job. But here we are, with an implementation service for one of our clients that overcomes the inconvenience of managing the targets provided to various salespersons of multiple departments.

A professional Canadian audio equipment distributor who represents various premium brands of loudspeakers, wired and wireless intercoms, digital mixing consoles, microphones, signal processing, signal distribution, and audio test and measurement equipment, had their conundrum on sales team target management. Since it is a well-renowned company for audio equipment products and services, the sales target for salesperson is comparatively high. Thus the collection, comparison, and cohesion of data based on customers and categories with respect to the salesperson are the challenges faced during the implementation process.

Sales Team Target Management

The audio service enterprise had its resources planned using Odoo. At the initial stage, an individual tab named ‘Salesperson target’ is been created in every single salesperson’s profile.

In the salesperson target tab, a button provision will be provided named as ‘Target Report’ through which the user can download the entire sales report of that particular salesperson from the initial stage in an excel format.

In the excel sheet downloaded, there are three methods of salesperson target calculation namely; Salesperson wise, Category wise, and Customer wise.

The three different methods of salesperson target calculation are presented in a single downloaded excel sheet. 

In the downloaded XSL sheet, there are four different sheets present.

In the first sheet named ‘Salesman target’, salesperson details and their overall target and achievements are provided on a yearly basis. The insights of the sales target for salesperson are as follows.

Salesperson name, target amount, target achieved, remaining target, and achieved target in percentage.   

Using the above method of sales team target management, targets based on a yearly basis and also it can be compared on yearly basis.

In the second sheet named ‘Current month’, the salesperson target can be calculated by means of category and customer wise. It consists of in-depth details about the sales targets and achievements of that particular month based on customers and categories.

Using this method of sales team target management, the detailed insights based on respective categories can be easily mined through which sales on that particular category can be redirected to respective groups of customers for more target achievement.

In the third sheet named ‘Sales by customer’, the sales target for a salesperson can be encompassed by means of respective customers and their purchased products based on categories.

It generates an in-depth detailed report through which the customer’s interest with respect to the product and category can be easily measured and based on the information, future targets on that particular campaign can be performed.

In the fourth sheet named ‘Sales by Category’, the sales team target management is processed by means of various categories under which the customers purchase products frequently.

By means of this salesperson’s target measuring, the entire insights of particular customer sales with respect to its categories will be enlisted. Thus the customers get separated under various categories helps in better planning in sales team target management.

Thus the enterprise’s salesperson target has been easily managed on both yearly as well as monthly basis. Not only the previous year reports are managed, also the insights gained by means of these reports help in better decision making and optimizing the various sales department involved in the enterprise.

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