7 reasons for choosing Magento E-commerce


Establishing an e-commerce store or managing it is not an easy job. The common problems every businessman face while establishing a new e-commerce website or managing it are data security, generating traffic, retaining customers, product return and refund.

Magento is the first and foremost solution provided nowadays. It is one of the top leading e-commerce providers which occupy nearly 26% of the worldwide e-commerce market. Even though WordPress makes a great deal of progress as a popular CMS, Magento for e-commerce is considered as the most amazing CMS platform. Many of the big brands such as Nike, Fox connect, Samsung, Lenovo, and Nestle makes use of Magento for powering their eStores. Thus many organizations from various business aspects adapt for Magento migration (version migration) and Magento website migration (migrating from a different platform), thus migrating their online store towards this CMS platform.

The following are 7 reasons that we, PPTS feel why Magento E-commerce platform should be your choice when compared with other e-commerce providers.

  1. Open-source:

Magento E-commerce platform is an open-source platform which is available in two different versions namely; Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. Open-source makes sure that anyone who knows Magento development can make use of its advantage at free of cost. It can be made of the customers’ choice based on the requirements, in order to fulfill the business needs and requisites.

  1. Security:

Security plays an important role when it is about online business. Magento e-commerce solutions consider security as their top priority. Magento development is completely encrypted and structure based. Hence the data (both customer as well as business data) provided within the structure is highly secured. Payment methods are completely authorized and Magento Enterprise version comprises of a secure payment bridge which helps in accomplishing PCI agree-ability. Other than this, Magento migration (version migration) and Magento website migration (migrating from a different platform) are completely encrypted and monitored in order to obtain securable migration without loss of any data.

  1. Multiple payment gateways and delivery options:

The online store can be integrated with any of the available payment gateways which is one of the features of Magento framework. In addition to the existing system, the user can also add a payment method by installing Magento extensions during Magento development process. PayPal, Auhtorize.net, E-bay, QuickBooks, etc., are some of the integrated payment gateways in the features of Magento development through which customers can easily transact from anywhere in the world.

  1. Scalable solutions and its flexibility:

Magento Ecommerce platform is known for its scalability and flexibility. Regardless of the size of the online store, it helps in enhancing your business to its next level which is one of the key advantages of Magento Ecommerce. With the development in your business, the features of Magento framework such as the addition of unlimited products to catalogues and processing a huge number of orders gets added which directly increases the scalability of the business.

On the other side, Magento is versatile and flexible so that it can be customized based on the requirements. And also if the built-in features are less compatible, the user can install Magento extensions through which the features of Magento framework can be customized.

  1. Magento Community and International support:

The reason behind the huge success of the powerful position of Magento E-commerce among its competitors is due to its open community. Through this Magento Community, a huge number of developers, bloggers, users, and other managers help and share their ideas in order to enhance its features in every possible aspect.

The other main reason is its support. It increases the user’s credibility by supporting multiple languages, stores, and set-ups which directly helps in enhancing the growth of the organization.

  1. High Performance & Optimization:

Magento E-commerce solutions ensure high-performance report with regards to the page load time, query processing time and other dynamic and static operations. Magento Ecommerce platform comes with in-built features such as SEO friendly URL structure, meta tags addition in product descriptions, sitemaps, etc.  When compared, the Magento Ecommerce platform encrypts high-end cache systems such as Varnish and other Database optimizations that boost the website’s performance.

  1. RMA – Return Material Authorization:

Quality among the products and customer support are the key to business success in modern days of E-commerce. With the help of RMA, customers can use the return material extension in order to make the product return at ease. The Admin users can manage these RMA issues from the backend panel. Thus a Magento E-commerce solution attracts more loyal customers by providing flexible return and exchange policy.