Automatic Bill payment in Odoo ERP system


Automatic Bill payment in Odoo ERP system

Automation plays a major role in our daily life as we are moving towards a more integrated world. In our foreseeable future, automation continues to expand its territories in various fields from small scale industries to multi-corporate businesses. To be more specific in numbers, the market research conveys that the industrial automation market is said to be growing at a CAGR rate of 5.10% between the years of 2017 and 2022. Moreover, the heights of industrial automation are anticipated to grow around 153.83 billion USD by the year 2022.

One of our clients, a well renowned veterinary hospital in the United States of America had their hindrance in managing their payment processes. It has 24 sub-branch hospitals branched throughout the states of America. All these sub-branch hospitals are controlled under a single main hospital. To manage the bills and payments of their entire sub-hospitals is a huge time-consuming process as well as it requires vast manpower. The simple technological solution to overcome this tedious job is to automate their entire bill payment processes.

Automating payment in Odoo ERP

As a multiple payment gateway systems, the veterinary hospital follows three different methods of the payment process. They are as follows.

  • Manual payment
  • E-check payment
  • ACH payment

The manual payment process and their bills are directly handled by the officials within the hospital and its sub-branches. Similarly, the multiple bills processed by means of ACH payment are handled via multiple payment gateways. But the management of E-check payments is a tedious job which requires more time and manpower in order to process the accumulated bills.

At first, the entire bill payment processes were managed by multiple systems. All the sub-branches get generated with various different bills from the vendors separately. Further, all these generated bills are accumulated within the main hospital. These accumulated bills are processed by means of manpower. The entire process to be monitored and refined is a huge time-consuming work which further leads to lack of productiveness and increased human-made errors in the processed payments.

As a solution of automation and a well-renowned service provider in Odoo ERP, we developed the automated bill payment option in Odoo ERP which is an all in one business suite that supports customization of work functionalities. Using the versatility of this powerful tool, we integrated the different systems into a single process. The e-checks from different vendors are collected in the respective sub-branches. The e-checks from different vendors get accumulated in the main hospital from the various sub-branches.

Customization of payment processes

In Odoo ERP, we have customized in which these multiple bills from various vendors are integrated into a single electronic check under each vendor and presented in the main hospital’s ERP system. Further, the information on these e-checks can also be edited based on the provided sub-branch hospital and with respect to that particular vendor.

Once the bill gets created, it has to be validated and then it should be approved. After the bill gets validated by the management, it will be represented under a single sub-branch hospital name to the main company. The entire accumulated bills in the electronic check can be paid by the main company within few clicks.

If the payment process gets succeeded, the ‘Processed’ message will be notified under the transaction details column whereas if the payment is a failure, it shows ‘failure’ message under the return message column.  

Apart from managing the bill payments, using this customized functionality, the salary management process can be handled at ease. The salary provided to thousands of employees working in the main as well as sub-branch hospitals are processed within few clicks. Further, the employee purchase details related to the company are also managed under the company expense management system. Thus the entire system is not only used for bill payment processes but also it acts as a salary management and expense management solution.

Even though the benefits of the after use are high, the entire credit goes to the customizable ERP system. Without the customization of Odoo ERP based on the requirements, it is impossible for us to gain more control on our productiveness and time efficiency which is compared to be the basic parameters in order to enhance our business.