How can EDI Integration Grow Your Business ?

How EDI Integration Services Grow Your Business

Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, has been in use for several decades- as early as the late 1970s. Can you believe it ?? 

EDI is  Electronic Data Interchange, which mainly deals with the exchange of documents between two companies in an electronic format. There are two key elements for EDI : 

  • Electronic documents replace paperworks
  • The document exchange takes place in a standardized format

These two factors dive the businesses into the fast-paced world of EDI with swiftly responsive economies. 

Looking for EDI integration for your businesses ?  

EDI  can change the way businesses grow – Here’s How


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Does your business still process transactions manually? 

In today’s hyper-digital business world, almost all the organizations are in the need to use EDI for B2B transactions. The ability to exchange exchange documents electronically has a wide variety of benefits to your business:

  • Efficiency
  • Automation
  • Reduction of manual errors 
  • Faster processing 

Among a handful of changes that Internet and Technology have brought in, speed of communication is one among the biggest revolutions. EDI is one such innovation that makes document exchange between companies much simpler. 

Excited? Read on to know some of the key benefits of having an EDI integration for your business?   

  1. Increased Efficiency  

  • Automates the paperworks so that the business executives can invest more time in high priority tasks 
  • The lesser TAT for document processing can help you achieve more 
  • Automated data exchange can result in critical data being distributed in time
  1. Speed and Accuracy 

  • Did you know that EDI can speed up your business by 60%? It’s an excellent way for you to exchange transactions in minutes rather than waiting for weeks. 
  1. Better decision making 

  • With real-time access to critical information  – transaction status of orders, you can make better decisions 
  • Streamlines your ability to enter new markets
  1. Save Money and Time 

The most important factor for any business is to save money and time. EDI costs just one third of what it costs for paper works. With EDI integration for your business, you can save : 

  • money on paper and postage
  • Reduce inventory levels (production cost)

So, if EDI integration is so crucial in meeting your customer demands in all ways, improving efficiency and streamlining processes, why wouldn’t an Enterprise utilize it?  

It’s your Turn to Switch to EDI integrations to simplify your business operations. 

EDI integration is important in preparing your Enterprise to be more scalable and agile with apt control over data.  It is necessary for exponential growth of your business with a seamless information flow between trading partners. 

To know how we can help you make this possible for you, contact us  

Still dependent on an ERP without robust EDI capabilities, maybe it’s time for a heads-up!! 

Don’t Let your ERP limit your business growth. 

While years ago an EDI implementation might have taken 1000s of hours to map individual data to each other, today there are tools and processes that make this process seamless and simple.  


Data synchronization with EDI

Done with your EDI + ERP Integration? 

Now, it will be easy for you to access a centralised pool of data  – people in two different companies can view the same data at their respective locations which would have been once complicated with the paper documents of an earlier era. For example, a paper shipment order would inform a warehouse to ship product to a retailer. Now in each ERP system, an employee can view the same data with destination address, billing address, and the list of product numbers with quantities. Easy??

Whether you are a start-up or an Enterprise, the usage of EDI can result in saving cost and time. Manual communication concerning invoices and shipments requires a substantial amount of time.  Automation of communications leads to swift TAT, less error and better reporting.  

We are offical Odoo Silver Partner in India, USA, Canada and France. We can integrate EDI with Odoo ERP for efficient business processes.  Give that Extra Mile to your Business with EDI Integration.