How Covid-19 Is Impacting eCommerce Business?


Undeniably, Covid-19 pandemic is impacting our economic market beyond our expectations. Millions of people are affected and facing the impact of this pandemic and economic crisis in their daily life. We have been through all these negative shock waves for the past couple of months.

Remote working is one of the most garnered business options during this pandemic. Also, it had its impacts on the customer behaviour such as their shopping approach, the information they consume, and also, their regards on how business works. Considering this outbreak, eCommerce development services face a huge impact when it comes to online selling and services.

The most significant questions we need to answer right now is,

How Covid-19 is impacting the eCommerce business?

How will it be in the nearby future?

Let’s find out!

Challenges by Shipping and Supplies

Reality is often disappointing. We have realized this amid the pandemic. Every retailer and also consumers are facing the harsh reality when the lengthy lockdown was implemented by the government for the betterment of human well-being. But the enforcement of the quarantine has not only restricted our outdoor activities but also, it has affected our day to day life. 

eCommerce sites are the main sources to acquire our needs even though it faces significant persisting challenges in shipping and supply chain management. 

60% of the chinese claim that they spend more time on consumer products in the upcoming months. Forecasts convey that there will be a significant hike in the eCommerce sales in the upcoming years substantially.

Source : February Re-Hub 

Increase in Online Business Rate

With our entire business economy being locked down, every single business has started to move to the online platform in order to maintain their essential sales and supply.

In France, online delivery sales of vegetables have increased upto 600%. Also in China which was the first country to experience the impact of covid-19 breakdown, an increase rate of 251% in the online grocery sale was experienced during the initial sales. 

Source : Carrefour

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Disruption in Smartphone industry 

Covid-19 pandemic has made its significant impact in disrupting the smartphone industry due to the owing issues with supply-chain. Starting from the smartphone giants, Apple, to every other company in the technology industry have been concerned on how to meet their targets for this quarter during the covid-19 disruption. 

In China, more than 20% of the online smartphone sales has been disrupted and also, a global drop of 5% is expected.

Time for New Innovations

At the end of every crisis or disruptions we face through, innovators, entrepreneurs, and other business people are forced to come up with new revolutionary ideas. Similarly, at present, there are numerous ideologies and innovations revolving around despite the pandemic situation. Countries have started to experiment with drones and other machineries in order to automate the delivery process. Thus, social distancing and preventing the significant losses in business economy had led to the contactless innovative solutions.

Change in Consumer Behaviours 

Certain surveys reveal that women are more prone and concerned about the effects of Covid-19. But when it comes to variance in shopping behaviour, men are more prone to it. Due to the recent pandemic, men have also started to shop via online stores in order to avoid direct contact with respect to its advantage of limit in-store interactions.

On average, people are sending about 10-30% more online on eCommerce sites than usual.

Data from Rakuten Intelligence shows a huge spike in grocery-related ecommerce.


Rise of eCommerce activities with respect to its categories


Purchase of virus protection productions through these eCommerce websites has been increased by an rate of 817%. To be precise, customers have purchased toilet paper through online sale at the rate of 186%.

Source : Analysis By Adobe

We all are currently living in flux. Customers have started to change their behaviour as a result of adapting to the advanced as well as simpler solutions in order to avoid putting themselves in danger such as covid-19 pandemic. As a business owner, you too are facing the uncertainty to both satisfy the needs of both your customers and yourselves. Thus, as a result of this pandemic, eCommerce website design and development is evolving. The need for eCommerce development services is highly prefered among the market. Now, the question is, will your business evolve along with the eCommerce website development? If not, customers will move on and adapt with other available partners in the competing market.

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