Odoo ERP for Manufacturing – All you need in a single software


With advanced economies and globalization rate, Manufacturing industry has undergone rapid growth and evolved as one of the fast-growing sectors. Processing the raw materials into finished goods based on the customers and market demand consists of various multiple inbound work functionalities such as inventory, warehouse, supply chain management, distribution, sales, procurement, etc. 

In order to manage all these multiple work functionalities effectively, an efficient management system is substantial. Implementation of the Enterprise Resource Planning software in the manufacturing industry has led to the path of centralized control mechanism. Also, the implementation of an efficient ERP system catered for the manufacturing industry facilitates the real-time business management of the multiple functionalities.


Odoo is an open-source ERP software which acts as an all-in-one business management tool comprising various effective and robust ERP features. Odoo manufacturing ERP incorporates various advanced features which directly helps in managing the inventory, warehouse, supply chain, distribution, procurement, sales, etc. Further, Odoo ERP is a completely open-source modular solution which can be customized based on the unique business requirements. 

Why Odoo ERP for managing your manufacturing business?

Odoo simplifies the entire manufacturing processes of an enterprise using its open-source working methodologies. Using the customized solutions available in Odoo ERP, a manufacturing business user can automate the entire business functionalities within a single platform.

The following are some of the main reasons to opt with Odoo ERP for Manufacturing business needs.

  • From managing the raw materials to delivering the end products to the customers in the market, the entire process can be streamlined within a single platform using the Odoo ERP.
  • Odoo modular solutions assists its users to meet the advanced technological market needs based on the customizations with respect to their unique business requirements.
  • Cost savings is an imperative benefit delivered by Odoo ERP for manufacturing since the TCO is comparatively less which results in increased RoI.

Did you know!

Automobile giants Toyota and Hyundai make use of Odoo MRP as their manufacturing business.

Now, it’s your turn to experience the next step growth with Odoo MRP!

Advanced features of Odoo Manufacturing

Being a fast-growing open-source ERP software in the current market, Odoo consists of multiple advanced features catering the needs especially to the manufacturing industry. Further, Odoo upgrades itself based on the competitive market and launches its new versions every year with much advanced features in it. 


The following are some of the notable advanced features of Odoo manufacturing.

  • BOM – Bill Of Materials

Raw materials which act as the source of the products production plays an essential role in the manufacturing industry. Management of raw materials needs much care since a single deviation can lead to time and cost inefficiency in the overall production process.

Odoo ERP for manufacturing assists its users with advanced features of BOM through which the list of materials and required quantities are recorded and managed efficiently from the initial stage of the product development process.

  • Manufacturing Process Management

Odoo ERP for manufacturing helps its business users with real-time management tools and transforms their business efficiently with better growth rate. Some of the manufacturing process management are work order management, employee schedule management, repair order management, etc. 


  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Material Management
  • Production Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Accounting and Invoicing
  • HR and Payroll Management

Effective Supply Chain Management

The entire supply chain characteristics can be easily accomplished with the help of ODoo supply chain features. Odoo Manufacturing solutions ensures an efficient supply chain management using advanced features such as EDI integration capabilities, employee contract management, better stock reconciliation, and automated forecasts and replenishments of vendors

  • Inventory Management

Managing the inventory and its processes is one of the major challenges a manufacturing business user faces in daily life since it consists of the entire movements of materials and products used in the entire manufacturing process. But not any more! Odoo ERP for manufacturing helps in streamlining and tracing all the movements of products in inventory with detailed reports which comprises the product characteristics, numbers, locations, and other vital information.

It’s time to automate your inventory management processes! Why wait?

  • Routing

Every manufacturing enterprise has its own unique routing process i.e, the multiple stages and processes indulged in converting the BOM to the final product. In order to manage their routing methods, Odoo provides a customized ERP solution to manage and trace the overall production activities.

  • Quality Assurance

Odoo ERP allows its users to inspect quality checks in the various production phases from the purchased materials to the final inspection of the manufactured products. Thus, in case of any challenges, it can be narrowed down with specific solutions at the early stage. Further, Odoo ERP can automate the quality checks with predefined quality checks and alerts. 

  • Odoo Maintenance

Maintenance orders for repairs and other fixes often take place in the manufacturing industry. Odoo ERP for Manufacturing helps in automating these preventive maintenance by means using the scheduler functionality through certain statistical calculations for the failure occurrence.

Benefits of Odoo MRP for Manufacturing


  • Odoo MRP helps in automating the business functionalities of the manufacturing unit since it acts as an overall integrated solution.
  • With its efficiently distributed and modular architecture, Odoo MRP enables its users with master data management which eliminates the duplication of data.
  • As a digitized manufacturing system, Odoo MRP provides detailed business and production based insights which helps in better business analysis.
  • By experiencing the modular solutions of Odoo ERP for manufacturing, the enterprise can easily manage their workforce and automate their quality checks for better end products.
  • Establishing the Odoo MRP system can increase the overall workforce productivity as well as time and cost efficiency of the enterprise.

Thus, it is always efficient and comfortable to implement an ERP system which can streamline and effectively manage all the business functionalities of your manufacturing enterprise. Odoo MRP as an all-in-one business management suite does the magic for you!

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