Odoo Magento Connector | Integration solution for your Ecommerce business


Magento, one of the largest E-commerce providers occupies the e-commerce industry about 26% around worldwide. On the other hand, Odoo is one of the largest growing ERP platforms. Using the features of Magento, the user can develop a more efficient and elegant online store. Similarly using Odoo in the backend process to control various ERP process can increase the productivity of a company. But the concept of integration of two different powerful tools is the next step innovation that is required to boost the company’s strategy to a whole new level in the market.

Odoo ERP for E-commerce:

Why should a company choose Odoo ERP for processing its E-commerce store?

The online store companies most probably experience their pain points in the field of managing their customer data and also in managing the hundreds and thousands of orders that they gain in their daily life. Odoo, all-in-one managing software known for its robust nature is designed to handle a huge number of orders per day with respective to the customer details. Thus Odoo integration with Magento allows its customers to automate their workflows i.e. the data of their customers, products, stocks, orders etc. are synchronized automatically. Thus the Odoo Magento connector is an integration development module which not only performs Odoo Magento integration but also acts as a Magento Odoo bridge.

Core features of Odoo Magento connector

  • Import and Export data

The Magento connector for Odoo allows the users to export product catalogs from Odoo to Magento. And also the Magento Odoo bridge imports sale orders to Odoo ERP. Further, the Odoo integration with Magento allows you to import customer contacts and leads.

  • Stock updates

The Odoo Magento Extension manager automatically updates the product stocks based on the concept of Odoo Virtual Stocks.

  • Synchronization

Odoo integration with Magento synchronizes the customer information such as sales orders, invoices, shipment details, package tracking number and also it synchronizes the data of products catalogs and stock levels.

  • Automated Payment workflow process

Odoo Magento Extension development automates the workflow of sales based on the payment method. And also the payment method processed will automatically be created on the invoice with its status.

  • Completely tested

The Odoo Magento connector is completely cross-verified by unit test cases in order to check its functionalities with different product types and orders and also it checks for other possible coordination’s. It also ensures the successful import of more than 10.000 sale orders from Magento to Odoo.

Thus the Odoo Magento integration process can yield a massive development in the field of E-commerce market. Most of our customers who have their online stores in Magento claim for Odoo Magento connector in order to build their business in an effective manner. And also customers have reached out for us to enhance their business and to feel the scalability in their business by means of Odoo Magento extensions.