Odoo v14 Enterprise vs Community : What you Need to Know !


Odoo’s Community and Enterprise Edition

The most promising thing about the Odoo platform is the flexibility of the user to try and buy. While the downside to the Odoo community edition is not entirely for a specific period, the user can, however, use a lifelong subscription without investing any amount, but with features that are less compared to the Odoo enterprise edition. Below are the significant differences between Odoo 14 Enterprise Edition and Community Edition.

License Fees 

The significant feature about Odoo is it can boost its bi-dimensional approach. Usually, most ERPs and software come with a limited-time trial or free version. But in the case of Odoo, the user gets to try the ERP for an indefinite period for its reputed community edition. There are limited to basic functions in the community version that are enough for a user to work with. 

With the introduction of a new version, which is the Odoo version 14, Odoo has become a full-fledged management tool that is advanced and streamlined to meet the ongoing trends. 

Odoo Enterprise Vs. Community 

With the introduction of Odoo v14, Odoo has been able to unleash the power of seamless integration in its ERP. As discussed above, there are a variety of operational aspects to the community edition and enterprise edition. 

Enterprise edition has more advanced features, which are application-specific but comes with a specific license fee. 

Here are some of the prominent features that have been introduced in Odoo’s community edition to mainly help the users.


There is a separate dedicated window in Odoo 14 community edition that ensures that the users are able to tag their respective sales. These tags are mostly specified according to the unique colour settings and vary from sale to sale.


In the Odoo 14 accounting module, the tab that allows for the localization settings is present to allow GST integration for all Indian users. Also, in the settings menu, there is an option to have a sales receipt option to be enabled.


In the website module of Odoo 14, the feature towards the SEO operational tools such as the console google search functional tools as well as the google analytics can be conducted from the specific configured settings.


Through the Odoo 14 inventory management module, the user is fully able to check the replenishment module present for the user to view the product’s replenishment orders as well as the inventory operations.


In the Odoo 14 manufacturing module, the user can now fully enable the option to lock the product quantities which are to be used. This will eventually help the manufacturing operations to be entirely controlled by the specific user with the flexibility to make edits.

Point of Sale 

The newly developed POS application module in Odoo 14 fully allows the additional payment option of up to 6 payment integrations. The user can now get a seamless update to the inventory stocks at hand through the POS with precise real-time updates at the end of each user session.

There are however some distinctive features that help differentiate between Odoo Enterprise and Community Editions.

  1. In the Odoo Enterprise version, there is unlimited and uninterrupted functional support, upgrades, and more.
  2. Odoo Enterprise version fully supports Odoo Studio features like the option to make screen customizations, report designer, etc. 
  3. Some of the new and promising accounting features are now available in the community edition, which includes invoicing, and making payments.
  4. Exclusive project management features like projects and tasks control, timesheet control, and task logs are available in both editions.

Odoo Enterprise Edition

The Odoo Enterprise ERP module is a fully- integrated and a paid version that manually allows the user to use the various features that may not be adequately available in the community version. In the Enterprise edition, however, Odoo developers can design and create thousands of apps and themes that are easy to migrate into the Odoo ERP. With the new Odoo 14 being launched, it has come with additional features.

Odoo Enterprise version is an overall paid domain that provides the user full access to the application-specific features. Additionally, there is a list of various applications by Odoo developers that are released for the enterprise edition, which can truly come in handy for all business requirements. 

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Odoo Enterprise?

    The Odoo enterprise edition primarily for the paid version of ERP that aims to provide you with the specific domain features and services.

  2. What is Odoo Community?

    The Odoo community is a free version but has very limited features for the users to navigate from and maes the usability limited in terms of the licensed and paid enterprise module. 

  3. How to upgrade Odoo 14 Community to Enterprise Editions?

    All you need to do as an Odoo user is to ensure that you restart the Odoo service and come to the Odoo user interface. Click on the Update Apps list menu present under the apps menu only after switching into the activate developer mode.
    After updating the detailed App list, search for the enterprise module in specific, named web_enterprise and install it.

  4. What are the features for Odoo 14 Module?

    Following are the features that are available for the Odoo 14 module:
    Create new.option
    Re-capture Option
    Data Cleaning


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